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Annoying Orange – Shia LaBeouf motivates the kitchen (transcript)

Juni 13, 2015

Pear: Question: what’s something you always wanted to do?
Orange: Burp so hard it knocks down a chandelier.
Pear: OK. But seriously, what’s something realistic you always wanted to do?
Lettuce: I’ve always wanted to eat an entire boat.
Tomato: I wanna get squished by a celebrity.
Marshmallow: Poop a rainbow!
Midget Apple: Grow a second head on top of my head!
Pear: I’m big serious! It was a serious question– Wait, who’s that?
(Shia LaBeouf appears in the kitchen)
Orange: Shia LaBeouf?
Midget Apple: What’s he doing in the kitchen?
Pear: No clue.
Tomato: Um, maybe we should ask what he’s doing here.
Shia: Do it!
Marshmallow: Do what?
Shia: Just do it!
Pear: Hard to argue with that, I guess.
Midget Apple: What does he want me to do?
Marshmallow: Why is he yelling?
Orange: Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it! I swear! (laughs)
Shia: Don’t let your dreams be dreams.
Orange: You know what? Shia’s right! I’ve never actually tried to burp so hard it brought down a chandelier. Maybe I’ll just work on it tomorrow.
Shia: Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So just DO IT!
Orange: OK! (burps)
Marshmallow: Yay! Am I doing it?
Midget Apple: What the what?!
Orange: (burps. Chandelier starts to rock)
Shia: Just… do it! (farts a rainbow)
Orange, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow: Wow!
Marshmallow: I can’t believe it! It is possible!
Pear: It really isn’t, guys.
Lettuce: Shut up, Pear. You’re a (?) I’m following on my dream! Yeah!
Marshmallow: I wanna poop a rainbow!
Orange: (laughs, burps)
Shia: Some people dream success, while you’re gonna wake up and work hard at it!
Tomato: Yeah!
Lettuce: Shia’s right! (eats a boat)
Shia: Nothing is impossible!
Pear: False.
Lettuce: Quiet, you (?)! (eats the boat again)
Orange: (burps)
Marshmallow: (strains)
Shia: You should get to the point, where anyone else would quit and you’re not gonna stop there! No, what are you waiting for?
Orange: (burps even louder)
Tomato: Here goes nothing. (jumps on Lettuce) Squish me!
Shia: Just… (squishes Tomato) DO IT!
Orange: (burps even more louder)
Lettuce: (stops eating the boat) What an inspiration! I’m gonna do it too! Yeah!
Pear: What?
Shia: Just… (squishes Lettuce) DO IT!
Marshmallow: I wanna get squished by a celebrity now too! Yay!
Pear: Oh, you can’t be serious.
Shia: Yes, you can! Just do it!
Orange: (burps even more and more louder. Now the chandelier falls down and Shia is killed)
Orange and Marshmallow: Yay!
Marshmallow: You did it, Orange!
Midget Apple: And I did it too!
Marshmallow: Me too! (farts a big rainbow)
Orange and Marshmallow: Ya-ha-ha-hay!
Pear: You are all crazy!

– Orange
– Pear
– Midget Apple
– Marshmallow
– Lettuce
– Tomato
– Shia LaBeouf


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