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How does Gladys from Super Seven stay sexy all day?

Juni 13, 2015

As you all know, Gladys Purnama, member of the Super Seven who represents culture, is very beautiful. She’s got a straight long black hair and exotic tan skin. But not just she is beautiful, knows about culture and social systems, and smart: she’s very sexy! She’s got some secrets to stay sexy for 7 days.

Every morning, Gladys wakes up and has a shower as usual. Before she takes a shower, she admires her skin for 20 minutes and sprays her clothes to wear after shower with Invisible Spray (excluding her underwear) so that when she wears her clothes, she looks like as if just wearing her underwear. To keep people’s attention, she usually wears a white bathrobe on her way to work.

After arriving at her workplace, Gladys takes off her white bathrobe and admires her skin. Sometimes, she even scrubs or washes her body. But wait… isn’t she wearing clothes? Don’t worry. Gladys’ clothes are invisible from the Invisible Spray, so even her hands can run through them. And the body wash or body scrub absorbs quickly.

Well, maybe she can prove it when our heroes go to New York.


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