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Memories of Threedom

Juni 13, 2015

Tomorrow is Threedom’s graduation day, and I’m a little bit sad because I have to leave my beloved HT Junior High School, my teachers, and my friends too. Even there is a possibility that I will leave Fina, my girlfriend for almost 2 years. But this depends on Fina herself, whether she will proceed to Alfa Centauri Senior High School with me and Khalid. FYI, my ex-girlfriend Arsy also attends Alcent SHS.

Threedom first entered HTJHS in July 2012, but we didn’t know each other well. We were just known simply as Angkatan 3. Until mid-2013, the name Threedom was chosen with Abang Rizki as the head of it. There are a total of 50 Threedom kids; however since March 2015 we lost Fadhil Fallah. But yes, Fallah is still a member of Threedom.

How we got the name Threedom? Easy to remember. Threedom is a portmanteau of the words “three” and “freedom”. Three is the number of our generation, and freedom is we are free to do anything we want. No one says we can’t do anything; we’re always free.

One of the most memorable memories of Threedom is we were always scolded by who used to be our Islamic education teacher, Mr. Hassan El-Bugizy (or Daddy Hassan). Threedom is the first generation in which the classes are always divided into 2: A and B. I was always in class B.

I think that’s all. I’m also sad because I have to leave Ghafiki, who I had befriended for 10 years. Fiki has attended BPP Vocational School with my best friend, Fadhil. Dimas is now in Labschool SHS, UPI, Bandung. As for the ridiculous Aa Ilham? I just wish he was in Alcent SHS too, along with me, Khalid, and Fina.


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