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TCoH 3, Episode 166

Juni 14, 2015

It all started after Mr. Rengga’s departure from Team Nyeker, leaving them as a duo of Mr. Mato and Miss Wilda. They dominated Louisiana and ripped off the receipt from Louisiana Purchase. This left Mas Adit woke up in fright and wrote an e-mail to the Chief.

In the Hits Academy…

Dzaky and Shafira were conversing in the Special Defense class when Mr. Maron wasn’t there. Maybe it was a secret conversation… they were heard conversing in a language that sounded like German. The conversation was then heard by Intan. Intan asked Dzaky if he could touch his nose with his tongue just like in the “Annoying Orange Gets Autotuned” episode. Irritated, Dzaky told Intan to “QUIT IT!”. His classmates then laughed. Then, Mr. Maron came inside the class and told him to face the Chief.

It was a case from Louisiana. Like I wrote before, someone ripped off the receipt from Louisiana Purchase. The US brought the state from France way back when. But those evil Knife Brothers didn’t mean diddly without that receipt.

Chief: I know it sounds quirky, but this also deals with your girlfriend’s cousin.
Dzaky: That’s Mas Adit, thank you very much. He’s Fira’s cousin, the oldest grandchild of Grandma Suherman.
Chief: Nobody cares. Bring your girlfriend with you. She’ll love it. She loves wedding parties.
Dzaky: Oh well, this could be one tough act to follow. Wish me luck, Chief. Gotta go, see ya!
Chief: For the last time, it’s just Julia!

Off Dzaky went to New Orleans, Louisiana, accompanied by Shafira. There they met Mas Adit, who is planning his marriage with Ela.

Mas Adit: Oh, hi there kids. I’m planning on my marriage with Ela on Sunday, but I need your help. Can you go look for magnolias in the Driskill Mountain? It’s gonna be a long way by feet, but it’s gonna worth it.
Dzaky: No problem, Mas. We are happy to help.

Mark my words: Mas Adit actually got a Mardi Gras mask before sending the e-mail.

This is just the snippet of the story.

– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Shafira Madania
– Intan Krisna Dewi
– Jordan “CaptainSparklez” Maron
– Julia van Bergen
– Aditya Barkah


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