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TCoH 3, Episode 167

Juni 16, 2015

Our Heroes, Mas Adit, Ela, and the rest of the Super Seven were gathering in the boardroom of Ardan Hotel New Orleans for a meeting about Mas Adit’s wedding. Mas Ghifari led the meeting after greeting everyone else.

Mas Ghifari: OK guys, this is gonna be a serious meeting. One of our friends, Aditya Barkah, will get married in no time at all. Previously Adit has proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Elaine Tumewu a.k.a. Ela, last May. Their marriage will be held in Siliwangi Function Room, Ardan Hotel, here in its branch office in New Orleans, this Sunday. Any questions?

(no one raised their hands. Suddenly Vibby, Uncle Tato’s daughter, raised her hand)

Mas Ghifari: Yes, Vibby? What is your question?
Vibby: As you can see, Dad is a photographer. He had took pictures of almost everything and everywhere, from Asia to Australia. The only thing I wanna ask is, can Dad take a picture of us? And can everybody take part in the photo session?
Mas Ghifari: Well, of course he can. Uncle Tato previously had took a picture of us last year’s Eid. So he can take a picture of us, including Adit and Ela. And yes, everybody can take part in the photo session.
Fina: I wanna ask you something. There are not much mosques in New Orleans, because the US is not a majorly Muslim country. But for the ijab qabul ritual, someone must recite the Holy Qur’an and the translator. The problem is, who’s gonna recite the Qur’an and the translator too?
Mas Ghifari: That’s a good question, Fina. I know you are not used to the US which is not a major Muslim country. Adit and Ela’s marriage is a typical Muslim marriage, so we can’t hold the ijab qabul ritual in the Saint Louis Cathedral because it can be immodest. But we can still do it here, in the boardroom. And yes, we found the person who’s gonna recite the Holy Qur’an along with the translator.
Mufida: Who’s it? (trembling) I-I-I… Ifal?
Mas Ghifari: Don’t be ridiculous! I know you’ve had enough with that Banjarese boy. But look! I found who’s gonna recite the Holy Qur’an and translate it. (showing a picture of Afina and Rasyid. Everyone sighed in relief) Anything else? (Dzaky raised his hand)
Dzaky: Well, I hate to cut up, but…

In Dzaky’s mind…

He imagined there will be a flashmob when the golden chariot took Mas Adit and Ela to the place they will got married, led by himself, the other Heroes, and Super Seven. The song is “Yeyeye” by Chris Brown. In the corner of the street, Fiki was playing the keyboard, and Mas Ghifari was singing. The others were just dancing. And after that, the Masalembo Dance Crew (MDC) appeared on stage and danced to Exo’s “Wolf”. MDC are Arisa, Shafira, Farah, Lulu, Maryam, Afina, Ikram, Adam, Cakra, Dzaky, Rasyid, and Ilman. It is me who gave them the name Masalembo after the superfamous thriller series in Net TV.

Dzaky: That is my idea.
Mas Ghifari: Very interesting! All this time I’ve been to wedding receptions in Indonesia, and usually it’s my mom who is responsible for everything, from the marriage contract to the reception. I know you are suddenly sick of those Gatotkaca Gandrung stuff because we’re in the US. And Dzaky, that’s an interesting idea for the Masalembo Dance Crew to perform in the beginning of Adit and Ela’s wedding reception. Who gave that name, the “Masalembo” thing?
Fina: My boyfriend.
Mas Ghifari: You mean Yudhis? Yes, he likes giving names to groups and bands.
Gladys: I think I wanna brush my hair as neat. No one likes frizzy hair in wedding ceremonies or anything like that.
Mas Ghifari: Wow, Gladys. You really care about your hair. OK, and that concludes our meeting today. We hope you enjoy it. (greets everyone goodbye, as our Heroes continue their Louisianian journey)

– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Shafira Madania
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Mufida Ashari Mutmainah
– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Medina Ramadhany
– Ghifari
– Aditya Barkah
– Elaine Tumewu
– Vibby Kramadibrata
– Gladys Purnama
– Ghafiki (in Dzaky’s imagination)
– Afina Rahmani (in the picture)
– Muhammad Rasyid Fadlurrahman (in the picture)

Trivia: In the animated TCoH series, Daneboe voices Mas Ghifari, Bobjenz voices Mas Adit, Molly Lu voices most of the boys, and Rosanna Pansino voices most of the girls. Kevin Brueck voices Uncle Tato.


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