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Annoying Orange – The Juice 4: Batpan and Robinero

Juni 17, 2015

Orange: Yo, my name is Orange, and I’m here to say: The Juice fields questions most every day! We’ve got Pear, Grapefruit, and Marshmallow, we’ve even got a puny red dude that’s half of a fellow!
Midget Apple: What the– (record scratches) Hey!
Orange: (laughs) Time for the juice! Pear?
Pear: Today we have my favorite question yet! David Howell writes, “Orange if you could be any supper hero who would you be”.
Orange: Great question, David! Most people don’t realize we foods have our own superheroes called supperheroes. But we do, so how about it, everybody? I wanna know WHAT’S THE JUICE! Grapefruit, superheroes. Go!
Grapefruit: All right, Orange, I uh, I’d have to go with my all-time favorite superhero: Spider-Flan! Haha, yeah, it’s the best of both worlds. He got the powers of a spider, plus the texture of flan.
Pear: Spider-Flan? (retches) I can’t think of 2 grosser things. Combining them together should be illegal.
Grapefruit: They’re gross, this is true, but riddle me this: would any criminal mess with a superhero that gross?
Pear: I guess not. Good point.
Grapefruit: More like great point!
Midget Apple: I know a supervillain who would mess with Spider-Flan: Magmeato! That’s who I’d be.
Pear: Uh, just to be clear, we’re all fully aware that there are superheroes capable of flying, yet here we are selecting spider breeds and magnetic meats?
Midget Apple: Magmeato can fly if he has access to metals. He’ll just make a hoverboard with his mind. Plus, since he’s made of meat, he’s pretty much like, you know, 100% muscle, so I bet the ladies really dig that.
Marshmallow: I’d choose to be the biggest hero in the world: my mom! Yay!
Pear: That’s sweet, but… can your mom take on Souperman? Because that’s who I’d be: Souperman.
Marshmallow: Actually, my mom is from the planet Krypton, so she can take on Souperman! YAHAHAY! KILL! KILL!
Grapefruit: OK, Orange, who would you be?
Orange: Batpan. Because he has the best theme song.
Pear: OK, yeah. Just please don’t make him start–
Orange: Nanananananananananananananananana Batpan!
Pear: We got it.
Orange: Nanananananananananananananananana Batpan!
Pear: Orange, knock it off!
Orange: Nanananananananananananananananana Batpan! Nanananana– Whoa!
Batpan: We came as fast as we could. Everyone, I’m Batpan. This is my sidekick, Robinero Sauce.
Robinero: Hey, everybody!
Batpan: Shut up, Robinero. Now did someone summon us by using the Batpan theme song?
Orange: Ooh, ooh, I did! Batpan, you gotta help me! I got a song stuck in my head and I can’t get it out!
Batpan: But I’ve heard if you sing this song repeatedly, it’ll eventually go away. (record scratches)
Pear: What?!
Orange, Robinero, and Batpan: Nanananananananananananananananana Batpan! Nanananana…
Pear: (growls in annoyance)

– Orange
– Pear
– Midget Apple
– Marshmallow
– Grapefruit
– Batpan
– Robinero Sauce
– Spider-Flan
– Magmeato
– Marshmallow’s mom
– Souperman


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