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Annoying Orange – Foodsplosion 5: Coconut Ukulele (feat. Smpfilms)

Juni 19, 2015

Announcer: And now, it’s time for the show voted most likely to kill its contestants three years running. Get ready for… Foodsplosion!
Orange: Woohoo! We’re back with more Foodsplosion action than ever before! Orange you glad? (laughs) Bring on the contestant!
Announcer: Everyone say aloha to today’s contestant who rode the truck from beautiful Hawaii. Please welcome… Coconut!
Orange: Oh, oh, hey Coconut, wanna hear a really funny greeting?
Coconut: Um… sure, why not?
Orange: Alo-haha! Haha, get it?
Coconut: Yes. Very clever.
Orange: Not even a smile. You’re one tough coco-nut to crack! (laughs) Are you ready to answer your one and only question?
Coconut: I’d be crazy to fly out here and not answer the question.
Orange: Good point. That’d make you a real loco-nut! (laughs) Here it is: does the word “aloha” mean A) hello or B) goodbye?
Coconut: Um… it can mean either one, actually.
Orange: We need an answer!
Coconut: See? All of the above?
Orange: (imitates buzzer) Sorry. The answer was D.
Coconut: There was no D!
Orange: Coconut, because you lost, you win!
Coconut: This show makes zero sense!
Orange: Telephone is one, nameless announcer voice dude with the fancy pants!
Announcer: Coconut, you’ve won a lifetime supply of ukulele!
Coconut: Oh, really? I actually play the ukulele. This is so great, although I’m not sure that I would need more than one.
Orange and audience: Foodsplosion!
Coconut: Oh no! I forgot to say ukuleleeeee! (falls into the prize pit) Oh man, this show is whack!
Orange: And how?
(Ukulele hit Coconut)
Orange: Looks like Coconut really connected with that prize! (laughs) More ukulele! (crash) More ukulele! (crash) Double ukulele! (double crash) Whoa, Coconut, hold your hone up, buddy!
Coconut: Pretty good! I’m just glad I did win a lifetime supply of full-sized guitar!
Orange: Oh, don’t be ridiculous. You’ll need a speaker first!
Coconut: Huh? (a big speaker falls down from the sky. Coconut dies immediately)
Orange: Now that’s what I call dropping the base! (laughs) Boy, I gotta say this episode is hitting all the right notes! (laughs) And that’s Foodsplosion… in a nutshell! Haha! Until next time. Alo-haha!
Announcer: This episode brought to you by Daneboe Speaker. They’ll drive you coco-nuts! Hohohoho! (record scratches) What? Too soon? (explosion) Daneco!

– Orange
– Coconut
– Announcer


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