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Annoying Orange – Ask Orange #14: Toad Talk! (transcript)

Juni 22, 2015

Orange: Howdy, howdy, howdy, my fellow citrus citizens! It’s A to the O back to answer more of your questions! Except if you ask about fart club. The first rule of fart club is you never ask about fart club! (farts)

“Hide TNT so Pear can’t see it”

Pear: (hums when Orange puts a barrel of TNT behind him) Wha– what the– what are you doing?
Orange: Nothing.
Pear: Yeah, right. Seriously, what are you doing?
Orange: Nothing. Nothing at all. Definitely not hiding TNT directly behind you.
Pear: OK, well, that’s good. It would be a silly place to put it if you’re trying to hide it!
Orange: Exactly.
Pear: I mean you could almost literally put TNT anywhere else. It would be a better spot in directly behind me.
Orange: You’re so right!
Pear: Alright, I’m gonna go back to reading my book.
Orange: Okey-dokey, Pear. Gotta go. See ya!
Pear: Wow, you was in a hurry. Must that someone to be, infest son of a… there’s TNT behind me, isn’t there? (boom!)

Announcer: It’s time for Ask Orange!
Orange: Toss me some questions, yo! Do it!

“How can you hear if you don’t have ears?”
Orange: What did you say? I can hear you!

“How many fans do you have?”
Orange: Too many! (laughs) Get it? Fans? Hahaha, fans. Get it? GET IT? IT’S A JOKE!

“Fred’s back in the kitchen”
Orange: Oh, no no no. We are definitely not doing that again–
Fred: Hey, Orange!
Orange: Huh?
Fred: (screams)
Orange: (screams)

“I wish my parents would name me Rick”
Orange: Uh… um… OK. Rick.

“Hey Orange, I wonder how old you are?”
Orange: Old enough to know better than doing this. (laughs while hitting a strawberry Jello pudding)

Orange: (screams) Oh, it’s just you. Phew.

“Hey Orange, can you do the flop?”
Orange: Sure! Everybody do the flop! (thud)

“When you laugh, the earth shakes)
Orange: (laughs. An earthquake summoned) Wow! (laughs even louder. The earthquake was bigger and Florida fell off) Uh-oh. I think I broke Florida. (laughs)

“Can Midget Apple make a toad voice?”
Orange: What did you say, Little Apple?
Midget Apple: (grunts, a toad comes out from his mouth)
Orange: Whoa! He can make a toad voice. Just a little. (laughs)
Midget Apple: (grunts, Toad from Mario comes out from his mouth)

“What do you do when you’re not making videos for a day or week?”

Here is the list:
Monday = Babbling
Tuesday = Motorboating
Wednesday = Annoying Pear
Thursday = Touching eyeball with tongue
Friday = Laughing
Saturday = Telling bad jokes
Sunday = Talking gibberish


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