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Facts about the Hits Heroes and the Super Seven in Wisconsin

Juni 24, 2015

This week, our Heroes and the Super Seven are solving a crime in Wisconsin. There are some facts about all of them in this Badger State.

– It is revealed that Tasya has a sensitive skin and can’t get exposed to dairy. Once got exposed to dairy and her skin will itch.
– It is revealed too that Fina has a dry hair type. That’s why she is always jealous with Tasya’s hair. She said it’s “smoother than a powder brush”.
– Molly Lu returned, and Mas Ghifari revealed that he is a big fan of her.
– Tasya acts as an older sister to Fina. As opposed to the cheerful and easygoing Fina, Tasya is more calm and collected. Fina calls her “Kak Tasya”. Just like Mufida calling Fina “Kak Fina”.
– Because of their close bond, Mas Ghifari and Mas Adit are considered best friends rather than cousins. Whenever Mas Ghifari says “Great idea…”, Mas Adit replies with “I apologize to everyone” to the readers of TCoH.
– As a result of her skin sensitivity, Tasya uses Olay Sensitive Skin Body Wash everytime she has a shower.
– One thing you always have to do when Tasya comes to Dimas’ house for dating is… remind Dimas to not giving his girlfriend a coffee frappe! Her skin, once again, is VERY sensitive to dairy. When Tasya was little, all she would eat was bread, hot dogs, and cheese. And it’s funny because her dairy allergy developed a year later. She got rashes, inflammations, and pimples before reaching her teenage years.


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