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Update on Panas Hits Radio (26/06/15)

Juni 24, 2015

New entries:
36. Medina – “Because of you”
32. Glenn Fredly and Monita Tahalea feat. Is of Payung Teduh – “Filosofi dan logika”
30. Satpol Pepe – “Screaming rainbow”
27. Farrell and Am – “A monster like me” (HOT SHOT DEBUT)

This week, Mans Zelmerlow is still leading the charts in his 4th week.

FYI: “A monster like me” by siblings Farrell and Am is a cover from Morland and Debrah Scarlett’s Eurovision entry for Norway with the same name. This song is still taken from the original soundtrack of “3: The Movie” as the album’s 3rd single.

Did You Know?
Am, one half of Farrell and Am, is the short of Amanda Aurelia, the youngest of Uncle Erwin Suherman’s 3 children. She is the closest with Shafira. In the movie, Am played Fiki’s girlfriend who died in the end of the movie due to an unidentified disease.

Hit singles of “3: The Original Soundtrack”:
1. “Heroes” by Mans Zelmerlow
2. “Rhythm inside” by Rosanna Pansino (Loic Nottet cover)
3. “A monster like me” by Farrell and Am (Morland and Debrah Scarlett cover)
4. “Diamonds in my heart” by Satpol Pepe and Summer Carnival


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