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History of The Chronicles of Hits

Juni 28, 2015

Ever since being a big fan of Hits Radio in my junior years of high school, I decided to make a comic about it. I’ve been making comics since 3rd grade of primary school, and now I’m getting used to it. TCoH has began since 2013 (that’s when I sat on 7th grade). It is a trilogy, and here’s the history.

The Chronicles of Hits (2013)
Based on a tour around the world, 3 friends: Galih Absolute G., Ale Aulia, and Awong Irfan began their Hits Radio journey as detectives to capture the world-class villain Eko Oray. They then met Ayu Andara, a smart student from Hungary. Their journey across the world then was quite a blast. This series came in 12 seasons:
– Percaya Diri di Bulan Januari
– Pake Hati di Bulan Februari
– Tambah Greget di Bulan Maret
– Kudu Tampil di Bulan April
– Maybe in May
– Hari Ini di Bulan Juni
– Puasa Sob? Bageusss!
– Kemenangan di Bulan Kemerdekaan
– Segerrr di Bulan September
– Oktober Mau Banget
– November Geber
– Makin Lama Makin Ngehits

The Chronicles of Hits 2 (2014)
After the huge success of TCoH, the Hits Heroes began their journey again, this time in Indonesia. They have to defeat their then rivals, Ardan Radio. In this series, Fina was introduced as a Hits Hero. Like the original TCoH, this series also came in 12 seasons:
– Avolution
– Bulannya Aku dan Kamu
– Invasion
– Gorgeous
– Limitless
– Get Lucky and Be Happy
– Petasan
– Indonesia Infinity
– Stay Louder Meureun!
– Be Brave in Rocktober
– Together Forever
– Happily Ever After

The Chronicles of Hits 3 (2015)
The original Heroes are abducted by the evil Team Nyeker to the Lost City! With Indonesia also under attack, our current Heroes: Fina, Mufida, Tasya, Dzaky, and Medina must embark on a journey around the US and save the original Heroes. So far, this series has came in 6 seasons:
– Glowing January
– Pinky Winky February
– March Yellow
– April Green
– Maytallic
– Orange June

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