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Annoying Orange – Nude Dude (transcript)

Juni 29, 2015

Orange: Hey, hey Apple! Hey Apple, hey!
Apple: What, Orange? What is it?
Orange: Can you do this? (rolls up tongue and makes trumpet-like sounds)
Apple: Nope. But I can do this. (flaps tongue)
Orange: That’s easy. (joins in flapping tongue)
Apple: Whaaat? Copycat goes meow?
Orange: Oh yeah? Well, Nyan Cat goes… (babbling the tune to Nyan Cat)
Apple: Oh yeah? Well, Thundercat goes… HOOO!!!
Orange and Apple: (both laugh)
Sweet Potato: Oh God, shut up! You’ve been in it for hours!
Orange: Duh, that’s because Apple’s the best.
Apple: No, Orange. You’re the best.
Orange: No Apple, I’m the zest. (laughs) Hand.
Apple: Hey, watch it, wobble-head.
Orange: (groans) That figures. Finally meet an apple that’s not a total apple.
Apple: Sorry, dude.
Orange: Huh?
Apple: I can’t hear anything. Up here on Fort Awesome. WHOO!
Sweet Potato: I think you mean Fort Death Trap. But you’ll let me stop you.
Apple: (screams)
Orange: (groans in agony)
Apple: Agh! This really tingles. (screaming)
Sweet Potato: Oh man, that is so wrong!
Orange: Hey, watch it, buddy. You just gotta peel with it. (laughs, then groans)
Apple: (now skinless) O… M… G! I’m naked!
Orange: Dude, you’re nude!
Apple: You can see my seeds, can you? Can you?
Orange: Nude Dude!
Apple: Dude, that’s rude. Haha! Just fooling. I love chilling in my birthday suit.
Orange: Nude Dude!
Apple: Nude Dude!
Orange: Nude Dude.
Apple: Dude is nude, dude.
Sweet Potato: You guys are killing me?
Orange: Hey, hey El Nuderino!
Apple: Sorry. Nobody here but His Royal Nudeness!
Orange: Knock-knock!
Apple: Who’s there?
Orange: Apple!
Apple: Apple who?
Orange: Apple corer!
(record scratches, Apple gets cored and screams. Orange and Sweet Potato scream in agony)
Orange: Nude Dude, What’s wrong? You look… subdude. (laughs uneasily, then cries) Nude Dude.
Apple: Psych! Ha ha! Nude Dude totally gotcha, dude. (laughs)
Orange: (laughs) Looks like I’m the rube, dude.
Sweet Potato: (groans) It’s never gonna end.
Apple: You should’ve seen your face. You were all, “Boo-hoo, Nude Dude, boo-hoo.” Ha ha!
Orange: No way. I was all like, “Hey Nude Dude, hey!”
Apple: Huh?
Orange: Hey! Hey, Nude Dude!
Apple: I don’t get it.
Orange: Knife!
Apple: Huh? (slice!) I don’t get it.
Orange: (laughs) Nude Dude is such a noob. (laughs, then groans)
Apple: Now I get it. Ha ha-AAAAAAA!!! (dies)
Sweet Potato: Whoo! Yes, it’s over!
Orange: (groans) Poor Nude Dude.
Sweet Potato: Whoo! Haha. For a minute there I was really worried.
Orange: Knife!
(Sweet Potato screams and dies)

– Orange
– Apple
– Sweet Potato


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