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TCoH next week: Illinois

Juli 3, 2015

Summer is finally here, and our Heroes are fully prepared for it. They’re going to leave their original Hits Radio uniform and wear their summer outfits to Chicago, Illinois for next week’s mission. Here are what happens to be our Heroes’ summer outfits:

– Dzaky: He wears a white shirt, red bowtie, grey vest, black trousers, and gold Rolex watch. His hair is combed neatly and styled with Gatsby Styling Gel. Not to mention his new Nike sneakers which are black and red.
– Medina: She wears a T-shirt with stripes of black and white, and a black knee-length skirt. She also wears purple heels (it’s her favorite color). Her hair is clipped with a butterfly-shaped hairclip that she bought from South Korea.
– Fina: Actually, her summer outfit is hidden behind her black jacket, but when she opens it, you’ll notice that she wears a sexy blue and yellow Hawaiian dress. She also wears gold flip-flops.
– Mufida: She wears a sleeveless top, a 3/4 skirt, slippers, a bracelet, all orange in color.

And the most glamorous summer outfit belongs to… Tasya. She wears a gray overknee dress, a black hat, sunglasses, gold wedges, a silver watch, and a gray bracelet.

But that’s not all. The Knife Brothers also have their summer outfit, but they refused to tell it.


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