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TCoH 3, Episode 195

Juli 14, 2015

I wouldn’t go any much detail about this episode, but the Knife Brothers have began their plans to murder every single Minccino in Indianapolis. Annoyingly enough, those Minccinos were actually for the Mincy 500, Fiki’s take on Indy 500, but with Minccinos instead of race cars.

Mas Ghifari and Indi didn’t even realize they ate Minccino meat, skewered with rotten pineapple and stale bell peppers. Mas Ghifari cried when the police found out the meat they ate was from Minccino.

Cast on this episode:
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Ghafiki
– Ghifari
– Indira Anindita Suhernowo
– Muhammad Naufal Wiksa Wikrama
– Marshmallow
– Bartlett Pear

P.S.: Here are the so-called “Pokefruit” that the Knife Brothers use in a battle.
Arkyn: Obnoxious Kumquat
Ifal: Bartlett Pear
Rio: Puny Cherry
Intan: Sugarcube
Harits: Blood Orange (Ruby Red)

They are rivals to our Heroes’ Pokefruit.
Fina: Annoying Orange
Tasya: Pear
Medina: Midget Apple
Mufida: Marshmallow
Dzaky: Grapefruit


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