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TCoH 3, Episode 203 (plus some updates)

Juli 21, 2015

I wouldn’t go any further detail about this episode, but it is revealed here that Shafira (a.k.a. Fira) used to have a pet cat that her mom threw away from hatred.

It all started last winter, when Fiki and Fira were the only ones at home. Medina was still angry with them, and Mas Ghifari was busy with college in New Mexico. They were both freezing cold, and Fira asked Fiki to make her a cup of her favorite French vanilla coffee. Fiki happily agreed. He heated up some water and 3 packs of French vanilla coffee and let it boil for 20 minutes.

30 minutes later…

Fira: Mas Fiki!
Fiki: Fira, can’t you see I’m busy? I’m concentrating on my game.
Fira: Mas, where’s my coffee? It’s been over 20 minutes boiling on the pot.
Fiki: (shocked) Forgive me, Fira! I was idling around!

They headed to the kitchen. And sure enough, all the coffee in the pot is gone and has turned into… a very cute kitten. It has brown fur, green eyes, and is as big as Fiki’s PS2 controller. Fira was so happy, and nicknamed the kitten Vanilla. But her happiness didn’t last long. Her mom HATES kittens and every single animals that she threw Vanilla away. Angered, Fira slammed her room door and burst into tears.

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