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Trivia about TCoH 3 in Kentucky

Juli 22, 2015

The Chronicles of Hits has gained much success. So far, our Heroes has reached the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. Here are some trivia about our Heroes’ adventures in KY:

– Shafira reunited with her pet cat, Vanilla, which her mom threw away from home due to hatred for animals.
– Gladys returned, this time wearing a different outfit. She wore her favorite black catsuit and her feet is completely bare. Actually she just wore it to conceal the secret that she’s actually naked.
– Ever since Dzaky entered Gedeg-Man, Intan stayed away from him and Shafira. Intan also kept irritating Dzaky with her usual prank: touching her nose with her tongue.
– For you Firaptors who suspected Shafira has black hair, this turned out wrong. She has light brown hair ending at the end of her waist.


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