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Annoying Orange – 1 Billion Kills (transcript)

Juli 23, 2015

I do not own this transcript, all rights belong to Daneboe.

Over Two Years
Over 125 Videos
2.3 Million Subscribers
Nearly 10 Million Facebook Fans
And Now 1 Billion Views
And It’s All Thanks To You

Orange: Hey, Apple!
Apple: WHAT?!
Orange: Knife.

Order of kills:
1. Apple (Hey Apple)
2. Cob (Wazzup Blowup)
3. Tomato (TOE-MAY-TOE)
4. Frosty (vs. Frosty)
5. Apple (Wazzup)
6. Football (Super Bowl Football)
7. Grapefruit (Passion of the Fruit)
8. Thanksgiving Fruit (Orange Through Time)
9. Cheese (A Cheesy Episode)
10. Wasabi (Wasssabi)
11. Apple (The Amnesiac Orange)
12. Balloon (The Amnesiac Orange)
13. Bad Piggies (Angry Birds)
14. Fat Radish (Annoying Pear)
15. Tomato (April Fruits Day)
16. Orange (April Fruits Day)
17. Laptop (Ask Orange)
18. Strawberry (Ask Orange)
19. Carrot (Ask Orange 2)
20. Watermelon (Ask Orange 2)
21. Apple (Ask Orange 3)
22. Evil Orange (Back to the Fruiture)
23. Pharaoh (Orange Through Time)
24. Pumpkin (Plumpkin)
25. Cabbage (Excess Cabbage)
26. Trolls (Trollin’)
27. Gladiator (Orange Through Time)
28. Broccoli Cruise (Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind)
29. Marty Meatball (Comedy Clubbing)
30. Crabapple (Crabapple)
31. Cucumber (Cruel as a Cucumber)
32. Steve the Strawberry (not from a previous episode)
33. Apple Trebek (Fruit for All)
34. Dough (Rolling on the Dough)
35. Cherry Tree (Orange Through Time)
36. Baby Carrot (ZOOM!!!)
37. Heel (Rooling on the Dough)
38. Liam the Leprechaun (Epic Peel Time)
39. M&M (Epic Rap Battles of Kitchenry)
40. Kiwi (The Exploding Orange)
41. Bananas (The Exploding Orange)
42. Grapefruit (Best Fiends Forever)
43. Sunflower (Flower Power)
44. Liam the Leprechaun (Food Court)
45. Grapefruit’s Mailman (Food Court)
46. Fortune Cookie (Fortune Cookie)
47. Radish (Fortune Cookie)
48. Apple (Fortune Cookie)
49. Apple (First Person Fruiter)
50. Frankenfruit (Frankenfruit)
51. Toast (Ask Orange 2)
52. Spot (Pet Peeve)
53. Loaf (Rolling on the Dough)
54. Geico Gecko (Geico)
55. Orange (Go! BWAAH!)
56. Zombies (Ask Orange 3)
57. Cheese (Wazzup 3: Bonsai Tree)
58. Charlie the Unicorn (Charlie the Unicorn)
59. Orange (Orange After Dentist)
60. Grandpa Lemon (Grandpa Lemon)
61. Blue-Haired Troll (Trollin’)
62. Grapefruit’s Sister (Grapefruit’s Revenge)
63. Gummy Worm (Gumbrawl)
64. Ball of Gum (Gumbrawl)
65. Walnut (Going Walnuts)
66. Soup (Souper Dooper)
67. Cob (Orange Goes Hollywood)
68. Apple iPhone (Orange Gets Autotuned)
69. Eggplant (Orange Goes Hollywood)
70. Blackberries (Orange Gets Autotuned)
71. Habanero (Jalapeno)
72. Jalapeno (Jalapeno)
73. Toaster (Juice Boxing)
74. Jumping Bean (Jumping Bean)
75. Swimming Peanut (Jumping Bean)
76. Butter (Rolling on the Dough)
77. Kiwi (Kitchen Carnage)
78. Lettuce (Kitchen Carnage)
79. Apple (Kitchen Carnage)
80. Ginger (No More Mr. Knife Guy)
81. Coconut (Kung Fruit)
82. Lady Pasta (Lady Pasta)
83. Liam the Leprechaun (Luck o’ the Irish)
84. Audience (VidCon)
85. Oyster (Magic Clam)
86. Mango (It Takes Two to Mango)
87. Other Orange (More Annoying Orange)
88. Red Pepper (Kitchen Intruder)
89. Potatoes (Fry-day)
90. Starfruit (Meteortron)
91. Croissant (Meteortron)
92. Watermelon (Meteortron)
93. Meteortron (Meteortron)
94. Speak ‘n Spell (Meteortron)
95. Pickle Relish (Meteortron)
96. Apple (Microwave Effect)
97. Yam (Mommy and Me)
98. Marshmallow (Mommy and Me)
99. Orange Clones (Million Clones)
100. Mushroom (In the Dark)
101. Mustachio (Mystery of the Mustachios)
102. Blueberries (Naval Orange)
103. Red Potato (You-Tubers)
104. Vincent van Gogh (Orange Through Time)
105. Nutcracker (Nutcracker)
106. Bell Pepper (The Sitcom)
107. Watermelon (Orange of July)
108. Liam the Leprechaun (vs. Fred)
109. Pac-Man Ghosts (Pac-Mania)
110. Strawberries (Pac-Mania)
111. Gladiator (Orange Through Time)
112. Truffle (Party Rock)
113. Pineapple (Pain-apple)
114. Trojan (Orange Through Time)
115. Avocado (Going Walnuts)
116. Piggy Bank (Fake ‘N Bacon)
117. Bruce Kiwi (One Inch Fruit Punch)
118. Mystery Potato Man (Muddy Buddy)
And many more to list. The episode ends with Pear saying “Aw, crap!” and exploding.

Daneboe: Hey, everybody! Daneboe here.
Orange: With me, Orange!
Daneboe: And we wanna say… thanks a billion! There’s no way we could have got into a billion hits without you guys, so we wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Orange: Yeah, you guys are totally fan-tastic! (laughs)
Daneboe: (sighs) Alright guys, make sure you smash that like button, smash it good! And then, uh, check in next week because there’s gonna be a new episode as well as a special teaser for our billionth view extravaganza that’s gonna be in 2 weeks! That’s right, we’re gonna have a big special event that you’re gonna wanna check out.
Orange: It’s so top secret, they wouldn’t even tell me about it!
Daneboe: Uh, you know what they say, Orange. Loose lips sink ships.
Orange: Ooh, that reminds me. Motorboat! (fluttering lips like a motorboat engine)
Daneboe: (sighs) Alright guys, let me know in the comments below what your favorite kill from the entire series was, I’d love to know. As always, thank you so much for watching. And until next time, say no to drugs, say yes to…
Orange: Broccoli!
Daneboe: (scoffs) I told you, I don’t smell like broccoli.
Orange: No! Killer Broccoli!
Daneboe: What? (a giant broccoli stabs him)


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