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TCoH 3, Episode 205

Juli 24, 2015

The episode begins with Fiki watching TV. The TV channel was set to Disney XD, and the program was Donald Duck Presents. But Fiki wasn’t very happy with the show, and he frequently changed the channels.

Fiki: Bored. (changing the channel to Phineas and Ferb) Boring. (changing the channel to Spongebob Squarepants) Mainstream. (changing the channel to MTV) Ahh, this is all I need. (“Lose yourself” by Eminem plays)

Fiki then listened to the music until drawn to sleep, eating cookies and drinking fresh orange juice. Then somebody knocked at his door.

Fiki: (groans) Yes, yes, I’m coming! (a mailman handed him a brown envelope)
Mailman: Sign here.
Fiki: Sorry, I didn’t recall ordering anything.
Mailman: Well, I’m looking for one Mr. Ghafiki.
Fiki: That’s me. Now go away! (slams the door shut)

Impatiently, Fiki opened the envelope in his room. He read the letter, which turned out to be from Kentucky…

Fiki: A letter? It reads, “Dear Ghafiki. This is your biggest fan from Lexington, KY. We enjoy your YouTube channel, and the way you play your piano is very splendid! You rocked many hard songs, from Beethoven sonatas to modern pop songs. Because of your fine success, would you join us in VidCon 2015? We are looking forward for your piano recitals! Yours truly, Roxanne.” Well, I don’t know what VidCon is, but I’d like to join in! Come on, Grandpa Lemon! Let’s go to Lexington!
Grandpa Lemon: (woke up from his deep sleep) Huh? Wh-where am I?

1 hour later…

As usual, Gladys was having a cold shower in 8am. After soaping her body and washing her hair, she moisturized her body with Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. She had shower wearing a black catsuit to conceal the belief that she’s complete naked.

Ela: Gladys, can you finish your shower already? You’ve been having it for 30 minutes.
Gladys: I’m done. (stepping out from the shower without drying, because her catsuit absorbs water for extra moisture)
Ela: Wow, you didn’t dry out after shower, but your skin is as smooth as always. (admiring and touching Gladys’ skin)
Dilla: Morning, girls!
Ela: Morning, Dilla! Let’s have a breakfast before we practice for VidCon.

Scene cuts to the kitchen where me and Fina were having a so-called “breakfast date”. We had blueberry pancakes, egg sunny side up, and hashbrowns that I cooked myself. But Fina didn’t look so happy with my breakfast.

Me: What’s wrong, Fina? Didn’t you like my breakfast?
Fina: I do, but… there are no muffins, isn’t it?
Me: I never forgot, honey. (handed Fina a box of her favorite banana muffins)
Fina: Thanks. I do appreciate–
Fiki: Hey, dudes!
(me and Fina were shocked to see Fiki)
Fiki: I came here as fast as I can. You two are going to be stars in VidCon 2015! Yudhis, why don’t you show them your drawings? And Fina, you are singing in the show. Come on already. The panelists are waiting!

In case you haven’t heard, panelists are like juries in talent shows, but they don’t just comment on someone’s performance; they give grades. So there, I took Fina to a room where the panelists are ready to give grades on her. The panelists are 3 handsome A11 kids: Zufar, Ariza, and Rey. Suddenly Fina lost confidence.

Me: Umm, Fina? Why are you nervous?
Rey: Dhis, guess what. Your girlfriend just lost confidence over seeing us. She’s insecure.
Me: Oh no. What should we do? She’s sweating cold.
Zufar: Maybe one of Mickey’s Mouskatools can help her regain her confidence.
Me: Yeah, what are you doing?
Zufar: We three watched a bunch of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when we were little.
Rey: “Littler”, you mean. (all laugh)
Me: You three, knock it off with the MMC stuff! (starting to lose patience)
Ariza: (laughs, then stops) OK, wasn’t that funny. Everybody say…
(record scratching)
Ariza: Aw, come on! I was going to say… “OH TOODLES!”

One bad MMC reference later…

Rey: Which of these Mouskatools can help Fina regain her confidence?
Zufar: Point of fact, dudes, there might not be one that could help. But I bet the Mystery Mouskatool can do.
Rey: Oh yeah, how could I forgot? Everybody say… Mystery Mouskatool!
Audience: Mystery Mouskatool!
Rey: No! Mystery Mouskatool! (the question mark changes into a pack of Mentos candy) What’s today’s Mystery Mouskatool?
Zufar: Mentos?
Ariza: I don’t think a couple of Mentos candies can help Fina, but… let’s try it.
Zufar: We’ve got ears, say…
Rey: Yes, we know. We have to say cheers, right?

I fed Fina with one Mentos candy, and it worked. She regained her confidence, and sang quite melodiously. She sang Christina Perri’s “Human”, and all three panelists are drawn to her voice.

P.S.: The host for this year’s VidCon is none other than… Fiki’s dad, Uncle Hasnil Djamin. He previously hosted the press-conference in Bismarck, North Dakota.

– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Ghafiki
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Me (Yudhistira Widad Mahasena)
– Shafira Madania
– Gladys Purnama
– Elaine Barkah
– Faradilla Adwina
– Muhammad Zufar Fawwaz
– Muhammad Ariza Yendratama
– Reynaldi Rabbani Riyadi
– Grandpa Lemon (Fiki’s)
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Crabapple (mine)


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