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Annoying Orange – Fanboy (feat. CaptainSparklez as Fan)

Juli 25, 2015

Orange: Bored. Bored. B-b-b-b-b-b-bored.
(Daneboe puts an electric fan on the counter)
Fan: Oh, man. The old “b-b-bored bored” opening, that is vintage Annoying Orange.
Orange: Whoa! Who are you?
Fan: I love your show and I’ve been watching since the beginning.
Orange: Thanks! We wouldn’t be anywhere without our fans. (laughs)
Fan: Yes. That’s the exact same joke Pear used in episode 24 of the 2011 season. Oh man, I can’t believe this is happening. Oh, could you annoy me? It would mean so much.
Orange: I’m not annoying. I’m an orange! (laughs)
(title card)
Fan: Wait. You’re telling me I get to meet… the whole gang?
Orange: Pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it, Fan? (laughs)
Fan: It… totally is, ooh! Ooh, Midget Apple! I have a teeny tiny favor to ask. (chuckles)
Orange: (laughs)
Midget Apple: (grumbles deeply) Alright, what is it?
Fan: Can I get your autograph? You know, you’re much smaller in person. (chuckles)
Midget Apple: (scribbles in a small scrape of paper) OK OK OK, you don’t have to rub it in.
Fan: Wow. Even your signature is small. (chuckles)
Orange: (laughs) It’s funny because it’s true.
Fan: O. M. G. I made Orange laugh. Somebody pinch me! I must be dreaming!
Midget Apple: Uh, no. That would be Grandpa Lemon.
Grandpa Lemon: (snores)
Fan: Classic Grandpa Lemon?
Pear: Hey, Fan. Heard you were looking for some autograph.
Fan: Nah. You’re boring.
Pear: Hey!
Fan: Ooh, Marshmallow. Yay.
Marshmallow: Yay!
Fan: Yippee.
Marshmallow: Yahahahay!
Fan: OK. So I know people ask you all the time, but I just have to know once and for all… are you a boy or a girl?
Marshmallow: OK, OK. I’ll whisper it in your ear!
Fan: Really?
Marshmallow: You ready?
Fan: I sure am.
Marshmallow: Now don’t you blurt it out!
Fan: I promise.
Marshmallow: OK! (whispers her gender. It was, however, disrupted by Midget Apple jumping in his monster truck, squashing cars)
Fan: Wait, I couldn’t hear what you said.
Midget Apple: Yeah-ha-ha! Who’s tiny now?
Fan: Repeat your gender!
Marshmallow: Reheat the blender?
Orange: Return descender?
Fan: Repeat your gender!
Orange: Your butt is tender? TMI.
Fan: Repeat your gen–
Marshmallow: Please meet the fender? OK! (jumps into the front of Midget Apple’s monster truck) Hey Fender, how are you doing?
Fan: No!
Fender: Just well, thanks! (brakes screeching)
Fan: Aw, man. Now I’ll never know… which is so vintage!
Orange: Hey, Fan!
Fan: Yes?
Orange: Hey, Fan! Hey!
Fan: What is it, Orange?
Orange: Looks like we have to cut this autograph session a little short.
Fan: Wait a second. This is the cue for the knife, isn’t it? (Knife tries to cut Fan but fails) Awesome! Oh man, I totally forgot. I’m in an AO episode. That means I get an awesome death!
Pear: Wait. (record scratches) You’re excited by this?
Fan: Meh. I prefer better death than just old knife. Besides, who cuts a fan with a knife, you know?
Pear: Valid.
Orange: Don’t worry, Fan. We’ll give you a great death. We wouldn’t screw you over! (laughs)
Fan: It’s gonna be a screwdriver– (a screwdriver tries to take Fan’s screws but fails) I knew it! Seems a little bit obvious, though.
Orange: Hmmm… ooh, I’ve got one that really hits the nail on the head!
Fan: A hammer! (the same hammer from Foodsplosion 1 tries to hit Fan but also fails) Oh, come on. What is this? Foodsplosion?
Orange: OK, OK. I’ll really wreck my brain.
Fan: Did you say “wreck” or “rack”?
Orange: I got it! I came up with something really baller! (laughs)
Fan: What is it you’re trying to warn– Ooh, I got it! (a wrecking ball with Miley Cyrus on it successfully attacks Fan to death)
Miley: Wrecking ball~
Orange: Wrecking ball~
Fan: This is perfect! Although it is very 2013.
Orange: Everybody’s a critic.
Fan: JK! Thank you, everyone! This is a dream come trueee!
Orange: And just like that. Fans gone with the wind. (laughs)
Pear: Wait a minute. Did Miley just take out the whole wall?
Orange: Yup.
Pear: Then… what’s keeping the roof up?
Orange: Ummm…
Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow: (scream)

– Daneboe as Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow
– Kevin Brueck as Grandpa Lemon
– CaptainSparklez as Fan


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