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Annoying Orange – Wazzup Minecraft?!

Juli 25, 2015

Orange: Bored. Bored! I’m so… NOT BORED! Haha, how could I be? I’m playing on my own Minecraft server, Orangecraft with my peeps, yo! Hey, hey Daneboe! Wazzuuuup!
Daneboe: Hey! Wazzup, Orange!
Orange: Hey, Midget Apple! Wazzuuuup!
Midget Apple: It’s Little Apple! Wazzuuuup!
Orange: Pear P-P-Pear P-Pear, wazzuuuup!
Pear: Wazzuuuup!
Orange: Marshie, wazzuuuup!
Marshmallow: Wadduuuup!
Orange: Yo, Gray to the Apefruit! Yo wazzuuuup!
Grapefruit: Oh, wazzuuuup!
Orange: (laughs) Hey, hey Yelliott! Wazzuuuup!
Yelliott: Please release me from being your servage, you hideous monster!
Orange: It’s not how you do it, Yelliott.
Midget Apple: Yeah. You on the program.
Grapefruit: Seriously, new guy? Seriously.
Pear: Stop ruining it, Yelliott!
Orange: Wow, you know it’s bad when Pear says you’re ruining it.
Yelliott: Um… what… is up?
(crickets chirp)
Orange: Wazzaaaa—-
Daneboe: Wazzaaaa—-
Midget Apple: (gurgling)
Orange: Wahahahazaaa—-
Pear: Wazzaaaa—-
Grapefruit: Watsaaaa—-
Orange: Wazzaaaa—-
Grandpa Lemon: (snores)
Orange: Grandpa Lemon, hey! Grandpa Lemon!
Grandpa Lemon: (keeps snoring)
Orange: Wow, Grandpa Lemon must be “eyeke”. I guess that’s A-OK! (laughs) Let’s see what else is here. Hey, hey sky! Wazzahahahahaaaa—-
Pirate: Wazzaaaa—-
Orange: Wazaaa—-
Shark: Wazzaaaaa—-
Orange: Wooozaaaa—-
Cat: Hellew, and what is up?
Orange: (laughs) That wazzup gets my stampede of approval! (laughs)
Grandpa Lemon: Huh? W-W-What?
Orange: Grandpa Lemon, you’re awake! Weeezzaaaaa—-
Grandpa Lemon: Just gonna play some KitPVP here. Wassshaaaaa—-
Daneboe: Blblblblblblblbl—
Grapefruit: Wahazzahahahahaaaa—
Marshmallow: Waddup?
Yelliott: What is up, yo!
Midget Apple: Wlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwl—-
Grandpa Lemon: Wazzaaaa—-HAAAA!!!!
Orange: Whoa!
Pear: Whoa!
Grapefruit: Oh!
Yelliott: Awww…
Marshmallow: Prrrrt!
Orange: Whoa, Grandpa Lemon died! Now that is “eyeke”. (laughs uneasily)
Grapefruit: (chuckles)
Midget Apple: Hey, you know what they say: you live by the KitPVP, you die by the KitPVP. For reals, yo!
Pear: ‘Merica!
Marshmallow: Yay!
Daneboe: (laughs) Oh man, you guys are crazy.
Orange: Hey, hey Daneboe!
Daneboe: Hey, what is it, Orange?
Orange: Knife.
Daneboe: What? (screams)

– Orange
– Pear
– Marshmallow
– Midget Apple
– Grapefruit
– Grandpa Lemon
– Yelliott the Enderman
– various Minecraft figures
– Dane Boedigheimer

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