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Red August and what it means to me

Agustus 1, 2015

Sorry for not posting, I was very busy with school. And yes, you guessed it: I have many friends in class X IIS 2, in Alfa Centauri Senior High School, including Arief, Faiz, Hizkia, Kirana, Novita, Hani, and many others.

Ardan’s tagline this month is “Red August” or more officially “Merah Putih Ardan”. Red is one of 2 colors in Indonesia’s flag, symbolizing bravery. Red can also come from the warriors’ blood flowing through their veins, back when the Dutch were still colonizing our country.

For me, Red August means very much. August is the birth month of our country, Indonesia. President Soekarno declared Indonesia’s independence in August 17, 1945, meaning it’s close to its 70th birthday. Red also means stop. Do you know that a stoplight can be seen even from afar? That’s why red means stop. Red can also mean anger, love, and heat.

Red is an apple. Red is a tomato. Red is a strawberry. Red is a cranberry. Red is a raspberry. Red is a pomegranate. Red is… YOU! You’re red, so you’re an apple. Haha, that’s what the Annoying Orange says to Tomato in the episode “TOE-MAY-TOE”.

Red is a color that exists in almost every flag of the world. Red is the color of the sun when it sets. Red is the color of a stop sign. Red is the color of a fire hydrant. Red is Raihan’s favorite color, because it makes him think of Mario (Mario’s hat is red).

Rojo, rouge, rosso, rood, rot, aka, hong, merah… No matter what you call them in any language, it means the same: Red.

Happy Red August, everyone!
P.S.: Just want to tell you that 1/8 of Girls’ Generation, Tiffany Hwang, is turning 26 today. HBD Tiffany unnie~


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