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Ghafiki left Summer Carnival… and got replaced

Agustus 9, 2015

2 months ago, flew rumors that said Ghafiki (also known as Fiki) has left the popular indie teenage rock band, Summer Carnival, due to focusing on his studies in BPP Vocational High School. But don’t cry just yet; Mas Ghifari, Lintang, and Emir have got a replacement. One of my classmates in X IIS 2 in Alfa Centauri Senior High School, Hanifa Khairunnisa (also known as Hani) is chosen as the replacement for Fiki in Summer Carnival.

The rumor is, Summer Carnival, with Hani as the new lead singer, is recording a new single. It is another cover (like their usual style), maybe from Avril Lavigne? Or Carrie Underwood? Whoever song they are covering, I’m telling you: Fiki and Hani are both my friends, although different schools.


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