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Facts about me during in Alcent SHS

Agustus 14, 2015

Here are some facts that I need to uncover myself during in Alcent Senior High School….

  1. I sit in class X IIS 2, with my homeroom teacher being Ms. Euis Wulandari.
  2. My best friends are Brian, Harfiza, Anas, Azka, Arif, Faiz, and many more.
  3. I have a crush on Sahda. (aw, come on, you know what I am like…)
  4. My friends think I’m quite noisy in the class, but I am actually the class clown.
  5. I always get the best score in geography.
  6. I never go downstairs during breaktime. I usually just stay on the class, playing with my laptop.

After that, there are still many more. Also, as a matter of fact, I’m easily quick to sleepiness in the class. Seeing Sahda’s face is the only way I can cure it. She’s beautiful, with that fair skin and long dark brown hair. She’s shorter than me. I call her “Sadot”, although she hates that name. Just like Fiki, hating the name “Dudut”. Wait a second… Fiki? Sahda? I’d think of making them a couple in my Ohio story. In the story, Orange made fun of their names, calling them respectively Dudut and Sadot, much to Fiki’s rage.

In the middle of our Heroes’ Ohio journey, Fiki, Sahda, and the other Heroes went to a rubber factory to solve a crime, which actually led the first two into trouble. They faced monsters, snakes, goliath birdeaters, and sabre-toothed tigers.


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