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Annoying Orange – Mommy and Me (transcript)

Agustus 15, 2015

In this episode, a Mother’s Day special, Orange and his mom both annoy a yam.

Orange: Bo-bobo-bow-bo-bow-bobow-bow, bo-bobo-bow-bo-bow-bobow-bored! (laughs)
(Daneboe puts a yam in a counter)
Yam: Ow!
Orange: Whoa! Hot potato. (laughs)
Yam: Potato? Nah, you got me confused with somebody else.
Orange: Nuh-uh. I hoped you showed up sooner or tater. (laughs)
Yam: Uh… no. Yam.
Orange: Yam what?
Yam: Yam.
Orange: Yam what?
Yam: Yam!
Orange: Yam what?
Yam: Yam. I am a yam and that’s all that I am.
Orange: Whoa! I yam what I yam too. (laughs)
Yam: Seriously, what is wrong with you? Were you born like this or what?
Orange: Hmmm. I don’t know. Maybe you should ask my mom. Hey, hey Mom!
Orange’s mom: If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: hay is for horses. (both laugh)
Yam: (growls)
Orange and his mom: You’re not laughing.
(title card)
Orange’s mom: And then I said, “Drive you bananas? But I don’t know how to get there.” (both laugh)
Yam: (groans)
Orange: You know, we sure had a lot of good times together, Mom.
Orange’s mom: Oh, like the time we entered the yodeling contest? (yodels)
Orange: (joins in yodeling)
Yam: Hey!
(Orange and his mom keep yodeling)
Yam: Guys!
Orange’s mom: Hee-hoo!
Orange: Hee-hoo! (both laugh)
Yam: Hey hey hey, turn it down over there!
Orange: Geez, what’s he yammering about? (laughs)
Orange’s mom: Duh, he’s rooting for me. (both laugh)
Yam: (groans) Would you two be quiet?
Orange’s mom: Hey, hey Orange, remember that book I used to read you, Green Eggs and Yam? (both laugh)
Yam: (growls)
Orange: Hey, remember when you taught me to ride that bike? I think it was a Yamaha. (both laugh)
Orange’s mom: Yeah, and you said…
Orange: Look, Ma, no hands! (both babble)
Yam: (growls)
(Orange and his mom continue babbling)
Yam: Be quiet!
(Orange and his mom still babble)
Yam: Shut up!
(Orange and his mom laugh)
Yam: Oh my God, shut up, shut up, shut up!
Orange’s mom: Jeez, is he always like this?
Orange: I don’t know. I just met the guy, but he does seem a little…
Orange’s mom: Yama-lama-ding-dong? (both laugh)
Yam: (screams)
Orange: Whoa. Well, he sure ain’t a sweet potato. (both laugh) Hey, hey Yam!
Yam: Not listening. Go away.
Orange: Yam! Hey, hey Yam!
Orange’s mom: Hey Yam, we’re over here!
(both end up calling Yam and chanting his name, much to his anger)
Yam: WHAT?!
Orange and his mom: Knife.
(Yam gets knifed to death)
Orange and his mom: Whoa!
(Yam dies)
Orange: Hey Mom, I told you, there’s never a dull moment around here. (laughs)
Orange’s mom: Yeah, that’s why I said never play with knives. (both laugh)
Knife’s mom: (off-screen) What on Earth are you doing?
Knife: Oh Ma, I didn’t mean to.
Knife’s mom: Don’t you “Ma” me. I thought I raised you to be sharper than that.
Orange: Whoa, it looks like everybody and their mothers showed up today. (laughs)
Orange’s mom: Yeah, we carpooled.
Everyone: Happy Mother’s Day!
Orange: Wow!
Midget Apple: Here you go, Mom.
Midget Apple’s mom: Awww, you shouldn’t have, goodness gracious. I’m so proud of my little guy.
Midget Apple: Awww. I love you, Mom.
Orange: Hey, what’s the matter, Marshmallow? Couldn’t your mom make it?
Marshmallow: Um… I don’t know where my mommy is. (Marshmallow’s mom arrived, revealing to be a unicorn) Yay! Mommy!
Orange: (record scratches) Huh?
Marshmallow: Yippee! Let’s go ride the rainbows! Weee! (Marshmallow goes out to ride the rainbow with her mom)
Midget Apple: Whoa, that actually explains a lot. (all laugh)

– Orange
– Yam
– Orange’s mom
– Knife
– Knife’s mom
– Pear
– Pear’s mom
– Midget Apple
– Midget Apple’s mom
– Marshmallow
– Marshmallow’s mom


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