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Sahda moved away (plus some updates)

Agustus 15, 2015

This Saturday has been a real sad day for me and the other X IIS 2 students. We have lost yet another classmate. Talitha Sahda Nabila, also known as Sahda, moved away from our class to X MIIA 9. It was just this morning, then I saw her crying in the corner of the class. They keep blaming me for all that she was. It wasn’t me; it was Sahda herself never caring for me at all. Whatever it was, she kept insisting to move to MIIA. Now I’ve lost another person that means so much in IIS 2. First Daffa, now Sahda. Let me guess: next, Harfiza (a.k.a. Ijot)?

The same day I apologized to Sahda for all that happened this morning. I promised to her I will never act like a wee lad in front of her or call her “Sadot” again. But she has yet to decide whether to come back to IIS 2 or stay in MIIA 9. I really like Sahda; she is so cute and sweet, and she will be missed. Ahhh, that dark-brown-haired beauty… she really gets under my skin.

If you have ever been like I am, having a crush then moved away to another class, let me know.


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