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Annoying Orange – Street Fighter (transcript)

Agustus 17, 2015

(title card)
Announcer: Japan.
Orange: Good luck, Rye-you. I should warn you: I’m an orange belt! (laughs)
Ryu: Umm, I hate to be that guy, but you said my name wrong. It’s actually “Ryu”, not “Rye-you”.
Orange: Oh. Well, that’s easy to remember. Because it rhymes with P.U.! (laughs)
Ryu: You know what? I’m gonna enjoy KICKING your orange behind!
Announcer: Round 1! Fight!
Ryu: Hadouken!
Orange: Huh? Did you just say Hoboken?
Ryu: No! Hadouken!
Orange: Like Hoboken, New Jersey?
Ryu: I did not say “Hoboken, New Jersey”.
Orange: Oh, good. Because that’s MY special move. Hoboken! Hoboken! (maps of New Jersey emerge from Orange’s non-existing hands, which hit Ryu)
Ryu: (groans) Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!
Orange: (laughs) You say a lot of funny words, Ray-you. (laughs)
Ryu: It’s Ryu!
Orange: Hey, knock-knock.
Ryu: Oh.
Orange: Knock-knock!
Ryu: I don’t wanna! I wanna fight!
Orange: Knock-knock!
Ryu: For the love of Pete, who’s there?
Orange: Rye-you.
Ryu: (groans) Rye-you who?
Orange: Rye-you pronounce Ryu wrong? (laughs)
Ryu: (growls) Shoryuken! Shoryuken!
Orange: Wha– what are you saying now?
Ryu: Shoryuken!
Orange: Are you saying “sure you can”?
Ryu: No, I’m saying, “Shoryuken!”
Orange: Nuh-uh, I think you’re saying “sure you can”. Hey, hey Ray-you, can I date your sister?
Ryu: Shoryuken!
Orange: Thanks! I’ll be sure to treat her real nice. (laughs)
Ryu: (deep growls)
Orange: Hey, can I have your mom’s phone number?
Ryu: Shoryuken!
Orange: Great! (laughs) Hey, can I try too?
Ryu: Shoryuken!
Orange: OK. Sure you Ken!
(Ken squishes Ryu to death)
Orange: (laughs) Get it? Sure you Ken?
Ken: (chuckles) Who’s next?
Orange: Wow! I really liked your Ken-do spirit. (laughs maniacally) Hoboken.
(a giant NJ map squishes Ken to death, resulting in Orange winning)

I do not own any of AO. All rights belong to Daneboe and Gagfilms.

– Orange
– Ryu
– Ken


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