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Cherrybelle is not disbanded, but has become a trio

Agustus 17, 2015

It’s been years since I last talked about Cherrybelle, your favorite girl group which some people consider a plagiarism of Girls’ Generation. In the past 3 years CB had been rumored to be disbanded, but this rumor is then confirmed wrong. CB is not disbanded; however, 6 of its members has kicked themselves out from the group. They are Ryn, Kezia, Steffy, Felly, Gigi, and Cherly. Thus, CB is left with 3 members: Angel, Novi, and Christy.

With this new formation, CB has shown signs of maturity. I used to become a Twiboy when I sat in junior high school, but now I’m neutral with them. Never mind them Chiters, girls. You know who they are. CB started their career as a group of 9, with their hit single, “Dilemma”. Since then, CB has gained fame in Indonesia.

When I spent my years as a Twibi, I used to wish CB represented the United Kingdom in Eurovision, but they never did. Matter of fact, one member of CB that is among those who chose to leave the group, Kezia, is famous for playing the character Vivi in the Masalembo series. She has changed her hair color from blonde to black.

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