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Rock Solid in Brazil

Agustus 22, 2015

Rock: Hi! I’m Rock Solid. Ecologist, geologist, and good guide. Around here, the most amazing stuff you’ll find is the stuff that nature did all by yourself. Come on, have a look!

I’m not an urban guy, but as cities go, Rio de Janeiro’s pretty interesting. Instead of fighting nature, Rio enjoys it. And it might as well since it’s stuck between great granite mountains and wide white beaches. Rio’s 10 million people call themselves “cariocas”, and they have three passions: sun, soccer, and samba, the local dance music.

Brazil isn’t all big cities. Two-thirds of it is covered by the Amazon Rainforest, the biggest, densest jungle in the world, and home to a fifth of birds, plant, and animal species. It’s to protect those species that people like me try to discourage those who want to clear the forests for farming or mining.

There’s nothing like a big pointy hunk of granite, I always say, and here’s one of my favorites: Sugarloaf! Rising over 1,200 feet above Guanabara Bay. Take a cable car to the top if you want great views.

Brazil is by far the largest country in South America in size and population, and it’s the only place in the Americas where the people speak Portuguese. Why? Because traders from Portugal landed here 500 years ago, bringing their language with them.

This granite peak is called Corcovado. On top you can see an amazing statue, a huge sculpture of Christ the Redeemer, with his arms outstretched, blessing the whole city. As you might have guessed, Christianity is pretty big around here.



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