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Rock Solid in Iceland

Agustus 22, 2015

Rock: Hi, great to see you! Zip up your parka, and let’s explore Iceland!

Notice how clean this place is. If I was an Icelandic ecology teacher, I’d give the whole country an A! Homes here are warmed with heat from thousands of active volcanoes, and their electricity comes from water generators powered from waterfalls. Just like me, they’re working with nature, not against it.

I’m not a huge fan of civilization, but the Icelanders are pretty good at it, I must say! They practically never had a war, they live very long lives, and virtually everyone gets a good education.

Folks from Ireland and Scandinavia first came to live on Iceland about 1,100 years ago. It’s warmer here than other places this far north, but the settlers called it Iceland, so others would think it was freezing and leave them alone. Nice trick, eh?

Iceland isn’t as icy as it sounds. Only 11% of the country is covered by glaciers. In fact, Iceland’s weather has warmed up in the last few decades, so the ice has been melting and shrinking. If you don’t think global warming is real, tell it to Iceland’s glaciers!

That’s not a pleasure boat, it’s a fishing vessel. One of about a thousand had worked on waters around Iceland. Fish are Iceland’s biggest export, but there are strict rules about how many fish can be caught each year. I call it “earth-smart”.



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