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Rock Solid in Kenya

Agustus 22, 2015

Rock: Hi ya! Let’s carefully cruise through Kenya’s cool ecology.

Thousands of animals live and breed here in the Mount Kenya Game Ranch, with plenty of food and no predators. The place started out as a safari club, but eventually its members decided to help the animals instead of hunting them. Every now and then, good sense prevails.

Mountains and plains are just one kind of Kenya. The country has all sorts of other landscapes too, from gorges, beaches on the Indian Ocean, to dense tropical rainforests, to Lake Victoria, the second biggest body of freshwater in the world. You can look around for months, but of course, that’s my job.

Here it is, smacked in the center of the country: Mount Kenya. This extinct volcano at 17,058 feet, is the second highest peak on the whole continent.

One little wildlife ranch doesn’t tell the whole story. Kenya’s people know that animals are precious and irreplaceable, so they’ve set aside 6 million acres of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. If you’re a zebra, this is the place to be you.

A movie star named William Holden founded the Mount Kenya Safari Club with two of his millionaire pals. They picked a gorgeous spot with an old hotel, added luxurious cabins, and since then, it’s been crawling with Hollywood’s big wigs. Of course the animals really don’t care if you’re a movie star.



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