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Rock Solid in South Africa

Agustus 22, 2015

Rock: Hi! Welcome to South Africa.

This is Cape Town. One of South Africa’s three capitals. People have fished and farmed by this gorgeous mountainous seaside for 10,000 years. But about 200 years ago, Europeans came in search of what was under the land and sea: diamonds, gold, and oil.

You’re standing at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. A hundred years ago, it was a new bustling port. 20 years ago it was scrubby and falling apart, but now it’s been revived with new buildings, yachts, shops, restaurants, and all that. It’s nice! If you like that sort of thing.

Cape Town is a big city dwarfed by a huge flat-top mountain, Table Mountain. The mountain top is flat, because it was an ocean floor long ago. But earthquakes had slowly pushed it up out of the sea. In the mountain side, you can still see layers and layers of lovely ocean sediment.



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