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Hungary in Eurovision

Agustus 23, 2015

Ahh, Hungary. A landlocked country in Central Europe. Hungary is the most successful Central European country in Eurovision. Believe it or not…

1994: Friderika Bayer – “Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet” (4th)
1995: Csaba Szigeti – “Új név a régi ház falán” (22nd)
1997: V.I.P. – “Miért kell, hogy elmenj” (12th)
1998: Charlie – “A holnap már nem lesz szomoru” (23rd)
2005: NOX – “Forogj, világ” (5th SF, 12th)
2007: Magdi Ruzsa – “Unsubstantial blues” (2nd SF, 9th)
2008: Csezy – “Candlelight” (19th SF)
2009: Zoli Adok – “Dance with me” (15th SF)
2011: Kati Wolf – “What about my dreams” (7th SF, 22nd)
2012: Compact Disco – “Sound of our hearts” (10th SF, 24th)
2013: ByeAlex – “Kedvesem (Zoohacker remix)” (10th SF, 10th)
2014: Andras Kallay-Saunders – “Running” (3rd SF, 5th)
2015: Boggie – “Wars for nothing” (8th SF, 20th)

As of 2015, Hungary has only missed the final 2 times, 2008 and 2009. Ever since 2011 the Land of the Magyars has always qualified to the final.


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