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TCoH 3, Episode 235

Agustus 23, 2015

Sorry for not posting anything about TCoH for awhile; I’m a bit busy. I promise, this will be the last part of our Heroes’ Ohio journey.

Najla Fissilmi has been arrested, thanks to Mas Adit’s knowledge. From afar, Uncle Andrei gave an applause.

Uncle Andrei: Oh yes, oh yes. Well done, Heroes. How am I supposed to thank you all? You saved my life, you saved my football factory, you saved the Cleveland Indians, you saved Ohio! Who am I supposed to thank, if it wasn’t for Dudut and my lovely Sadot? Thank you. Thank you, children.
Sahda: Awww, you shouldn’t have, Dad.
Fiki: Yeah, that journey was worth it. If it weren’t for that pesky goliath birdeater.
Mufida: Did somebody say… GOLIATH BIRDEATER???!!?!?!
(the same goliath birdeater from Thursday ate Uncle Andrei and burped him down to death. Everyone screamed, including Fiki and Sahda)

In the Knife Brothers’ laboratory…

Ifal: Dagnabbit, those apples are getting us out of work.
Arkyn: Come on then, let’s show them who’s boss.
Hasna: Hey, what’s up, brothers?
Arkyn: Those apples killed Sadot’s father. It’s your fault too because you are an apple, Hasna.
Hasna: Yes. Arkyn’s right. I am an apple. Never mind that Annoying Orange thing that belongs to Fina.
Harits: Silly, Hasna. He’s not annoying; he’s just an orange. Mine’s not an orange, though.

Note that before Najla was arrested, Hasna faked a short haircut and wanted to be called Harfiza, but afterwards she went back to her usual long black hair. Also note that starting from our Heroes’ New York journey onwards, Hasna started to become an apple in front of Fina.

Meanwhile, in the Lost City…

Uncle Amru: I still don’t understand. Been working in Hits Radio for almost 2 years with you guys, and this is how I’m treated? Being berated by an annoying orange from YouTube? Can he at least SHUT UP?!?!?!
Rizky: Calm down, dude. He has told you a million times already: he’s not annoying, he’s just an–
Uncle Amru: Let me guess – Orange. Ha! Freaking hilarious! Yeah!
Desta: Yeah, dude. Just relax. Don’t be angry. That orange of your niece’s is trying to cheer you up. You know, by babbling, motorboating, touching his eyeball with his tongue, and so on.
Uncle Amru: S**T, I HATE ORANGES!
Ayu: Amru, they’re right. Why don’t you just calm down and help us find a way out from this city? That would mean so much.
(The Heroes tried to get out from the Lost City)

Back in Cleveland, Uncle Andrei was in a coma. He woke up abruptly in a hospital.

Uncle Andrei: Wh-where am I…? Where’s Sadot?
Doctor: You’re in the hospital. If by Sadot, you mean your daughter. Sahda saved your life after you got eaten by a goliath birdeater spider.
Sahda: Dad! Dad, you’ve got to live!
Uncle Andrei: Sadot… I love you. Thanks for saving the Cleveland Indians’ game. I promise I’ll buy you a Super Bowl football. But… (whimpers) I don’t seem to live any longer. Dudut… I lend my Sadot to you.
Fiki: Yes, Uncle. I will.
Uncle Andrei: Mufida… for showing my gratitude to your bravery against protecting your boyfriend, I give you this… an official Cleveland Indians football with my autograph on it. Promise you’ll keep it…
Mufida: Thanks, Uncle.
Uncle Andrei: Sadot… give… me… a hug… (tried to hold Sahda for the last time but died instantly)
Sahda: Dad? Dad! No, Dad! You can’t die! DAD! DAAAD!
Fiki: Wake up, Uncle Andrei! Please, wake up! Pretty please? WAKE UP, UNCLE ANDREI!
(everyone cried in the room. But Fiki and Sahda were the saddest. Sahda held her father’s body for the last time, now cold and whiter than the paper)
Sahda: DADDYYYY!!!!

That night, funeral was attended by our Heroes’ and the Indians. (This story isn’t from the real thing, since I don’t know what does Sahda’s father looks like) The funeral is very Islamic that everyone wears black.

Fiki: Rest in peace, Uncle Andrei. You’ve lived a long life. Now it’s the time you go. Farewell. (blowed his nose)
(Fiki, Fina, Mufida, Tasya, Medina, Dzaky, Hasna, and the Super Seven as well as Sahda left the funeral. But in a flash Sahda returned to her father’s grave)
Sahda: Daddy! I promise, I will be a good girl!
Fiki: Just let it go, Sadot. Let it go.

(episode ends with a music video of the week, Ghafiki’s “How to save a life”)

– Ghafiki
– Talitha Sahda Nabila
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Medina Ramadhany
– Hasna Lathifah
– Andrei Kusmanovich
– Muhammad Amru Rhozaq
– Ayu Andara
– Rizky Ardie
– Desta Andistia
– Muhammad Naufal Wiksa Wikrama
– Arkyn Khalfani Nazhmi Sumakul
– Harits Maulana Muzakki
– Annoying Orange (recurring)


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