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Ann Tickwittee in Hawaii

Agustus 29, 2015

Ann: Hi! I’m Ann Tickwittee, archaeologist extraordinaire! And when I’m not getting my thrills helping ACME agents catch Carmen’s crooks, I earn my living digging up dirt on the distant paths! Let me show you my latest find!

Hawaiians carved fierce images of their gods, sometimes called tikis, to scare people away from sacred grounds. Would you wanna hang around with one of these guys looking over your shoulder?

In former times, Hawaiians who broke the local rules, or kapu, were often sentenced to death. Their only hope was to reach one of these traditional areas, called a place of refuge, where they were forgiven by a priest for breaking the rules.

Next time you dream of going to Hawaii, remember this: the islands are actually the tops of volcanic mountains. And some like Kilauea and Mauna Loa are still active. So on your next vacation, you may be in for a really hot time!

In 1778, Captain James Cook sailed into these tropical islands, changing, and some people would say spoiling Hawaiian culture forever. I guess you could say he was the first tourist!

Hawaiian temples, like the one you see here, originally house the remains of the local chiefs. Hawaiians believe that great power rested not only with the gods, but also with their leaders. This power remains even after death. So the early Hawaiians make no bones about preserving old bones!

I’m history. See ya!


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