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Ann Tickwittee in New Mexico

Agustus 29, 2015

Ann: Come on! I’ll show you some intriguing sights here in Taos, New Mexico.

The natives of the Southwest baked bread in ovens made of sundried mud bricks called adobe. Oddly enough, they use the same kind of adobe to build their houses. I hope that doesn’t mean their homes were as hot as an oven!

This is San Geronimo, one of many churches built by Spanish missionaries. Although European settlers and missionaries try to influence native cultures, the Pueblo Indians are people after my own heart. They preserve their past despite outside influences, and their tribal customs have been mostly unchanged for centuries.

The Taos Pueblo Indians hunted in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where game was plentiful. They live near the mountains in multi-leveled structures called a pueblo, that looked a lot like a modern apartment building. But you can bet this place will never become a condo!

The Spanish use the word “pueblo” meaning town to refer to the communal villages of the Southwest’s native Indians. The Pueblo Indians are sometimes referred to as cliff-dwellers, because they often build their own homes directly into steep cliffsides. But not all of them like living on the edge. The pueblo and Taos was built on solid ground.

Modern Pueblo Indians are believed to be descended from the Anasazi who built many storied homes thousands of years ago. It may be bad luck to walk under a ladder, but don’t tell the Pueblos! Like their ancestors, they use long wooden ladders to move from floor to floor.

I’m history. See ya!


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