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My thoughts on Hasna Lathifah’s “My life”

Agustus 29, 2015

Recently, my friend Hasna Lathifah has entered Panas Hits Radio in her first week. Her song, “My life”, originally by Sherina, eventually becomes a smash hit in radios. Annoyingly enough, for a tomboyish girl like Hasna, she has a soft jazzy voice when singing. How do I know?

Hasna is well-known to change hairstyles depending on music style. Her original hair is long and black, but sometimes she likes to fake a short haircut, Harfiza-style. Not only she can sing, she is a good rapper! She is featured with Fina on Renaldi Akbar’s comeback single, “Crazy in love (Beyonce cover)”. Hasna also plays the guitar quite well. But… did I mention Harfiza? Harfiza Irdhany Aufa, my classmate? Never mind.

Next week, though, I’m starting to post more about our Heroes’ Pennsylvania journey. The last time they will actually meet Ela and acquire her red gem of history!

To conclude, here is a piece of Hasna’s “My life” lyrics:
“It’s in my life, my heart, my soul
My sense of love
Kedamaian di hati

And in my life, my heart, my soul
My sense of love
Mutiara hidup di lautan luas
Kujalin dan kuhias di hati…”

What about it? If you’re a Hasnaddict (fan of Hasna Lathifah), don’t forget to comment!


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