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Ultimate Marshmallow Tease (transcript)

September 4, 2015

Daneboe: Dessert? I– I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Marshmallow: Yeah?
Daneboe: So, I went to the freezer, where all the frozen goodies are in. And you know what was in there?
Marshmallow: Yeah? What was in there?
Daneboe: You know that ice cream with the sprinkles that you really like?
Marshmallow: Yeah, the ice cream with the sprinkles.
Daneboe: Yeah, yeah, I took that out, and I put even more sprinkles on it.
Marshmallow: More sprinkles?
Daneboe: Yeah. And then I put some chocolate, and strawberries, and fudge on it too.
Marshmallow: Yeah?
Daneboe: And I said to myself, “You know who would love to have this?”
Marshmallow: Yeah?
Daneboe: Me. So I ate it.
Marshmallow: Awww. But I love fudgy-chocolate-strawberry-sprinkle ice cream.
Daneboe: I know. And you know what? I was just finishing up the ice cream when I looked outside. It just stopped raining.
Marshmallow: Yeah?
Daneboe: Yeah. And all of a sudden this rainbow appeared.
Marshmallow: (gasps) A rainbow?
Daneboe: Uh-huh. It was so big and colorful it just– it lit up the entire sky.
Marshmallow: Yeah?
Daneboe: Yeah. And you know what happened?
Marshmallow: What?
Daneboe: It disappeared before I can tell you about it.
Marshmallow: Awww. Ah, you gotta be kidding me.
Daneboe: Nope. Not kidding ya. And you know what happened after that?
Marshmallow: What?
Daneboe: The doorbell rang.
Marshmallow: Ooh, really?
Daneboe: Yeah, yeah. So I answered it.
Marshmallow: Yeah?
Daneboe: And guess what it was?
Marshmallow: What?
Daneboe: It was a whole group of cuddly animals.
Marshmallow: (gasps) Really?
Daneboe: Yeah, yeah. There were bunnies…
Marshmallow: Bunnies?
Daneboe: And puppies…
Marshmallow: And puppies?
Daneboe: Yeah. And kittens.
Marshmallow: And kittens?
Daneboe: I know! And you know what I did?
Marshmallow: What?
Daneboe: You were taking a nap, so I cuddled with them all by myself.
Marshmallow: Awww!!!

(ending credits)

Daneboe: Hey Marshmallow, you wanna go to the unicorn petting zoo?
Marshmallow: (gasps) Yeah!
Daneboe: Oh wait, it’s 6 o’clock. They closed at 5.
Marshmallow: (becomes sulky)

– Dane Boedigheimer
– Marshmallow


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