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Red gem acquired!

September 6, 2015

Our Heroes have acquired the red gem of history from Ela’s hand following the arrest of Juelz Santana, that means they’ve got 5 gems left to gain access to the Lost City!

Gem thieves (arrested so far):
– Green gem of nature: General Briquet
– Red gem of history: Juelz Santana

So they’ve got these left: yellow gem of knowledge, light blue gem of art, blue gem of engineering, white gem of culture, and purple gem of diplomacy.

Starting from tomorrow’s story, my West Virginia story, the Knife Brothers are back from taking a break from being annoying. And this will mark the “back to school” season!

The Knife Brothers and the Alcent Apples have the same Pokefruit in common.

  • Arkyn/Hasna: Obnoxious Kumquat
  • Ifal/Hani: Bartlett Pear
  • Rio/Aldi: Puny Cherry
  • Intan/Sahda: Sugarcube
  • Harits/Brian: Blood Orange

“Hey hey hey, everyone! I’m back! So what do I miss?”
– Annoying Orange


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