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Major events in the Virginia story

September 9, 2015

The Chronicles of Hits is 3 months left till it’s over, and next week I’m starting my Virginia story, which mainly focuses on Mufida, but also on the relationship between Fiki and Sahda.

Major events:
– My economy teacher, Mr. Tarmizi, debuts.
– Fiki is revealed to have anger control problems for a long time.
– Marshmallow learned Giga Impact, thanks to Sahda and her cute Sugarcube.
– Orange still annoys, and in this story, he annoys the hell out of Mr. Tarmizi.

Debuting characters:
– Tarmizi Pratama Putra
– Dadi Mulyadi Nugraha
– Muhammad Sofwan Nugraha

Returning characters:
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Ghafiki
– Talitha Sahda Nabila
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Hasna Lathifah
– Najla Fissilmi Kaffah
– Muhammad Naufal Wiksa Wikrama
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Obnoxious Kumquat (Hasna’s)
– Marshmallow (Mufida’s)
– Sugarcube (Sahda’s)
– Grandpa Lemon (Fiki’s)
– Bartlett Pear (Ifal’s)
– Salamence (Najla’s)

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