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Trivia about my Virginia story

September 11, 2015

My Virginia story will start in no time at all. And here are the trivia behind the Old Dominion story…

  • Fiki has been bullied by his classmate, Ruben Angga Mulyana. Ruben destroyed his favorite F-16 miniature when he wasn’t looking, resulting in him on a berserk stage. When it comes to this, Sahda can become the angriest; she will accuse Ruben for bullying Fiki.
  • Marshmallow and Sugarcube have a ton in common. They’re both Minccinos, they love everything (especially unicorns), and they tend to cheer. Marshmallow tends to say “Yay!”, while Sugarcube tends to say “Woohoo!”.
  • It is also revealed that Fiki can act aggressive towards Sahda. Whenever he is angry at her, he holds her shirt collar while saying “What are you playing at?” sarcastically. He always asks Sahda to lend one of her gemstones, which then he throws onto the floor before bursting into fury.
  • In real life, Sahda is an Alcent kid. But in this story, she is told to be a BPP kid, being the odd one out of the Alcent Apples.

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