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Renee Santz in Connecticut

September 12, 2015

Renee: Hi! We’ll have a whale of a time touring Connecticut’s old whaling town called Mystic.

It’s no fluke that this ship, the Charles W. Morgan is still around. It’s a classic example of an old three-masted wooden whaling ship, built back when shipbuilding wasn’t art form.

Connecticut was once the leading whaling state, back when fleets of ships hunted down whales for their oil, which was used to make soap, wax, and other products. The US today has banned most whaling, which makes me happy, because I love whale songs. I’ll bet the whales are happy about it too!

It’s not a mystery why this town called Mystic prospered. During the 19th century, over 300 ships were built in this shipyard. Today, the recreated town of Mystic Seaport, serves as a living window to sailing history. “Sea” what I mean?

Fishing villages like this one are typical of Connecticut, which is an Indian word meaning “long tidal river”, with its miles of Atlantic coastline. Connecticut “shore” is beautiful, isn’t it?

Here in Mystic, you can watch traditional shipbuilders constructing sailing vessels by hand. Before the invention of steam engines, tall, massive clipper ships, were the fastest vessels in the world! And the most elegant. Try putting one of these in a bottle.

See you later.


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