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IQ Test: Are You A Gadgeteen?

September 16, 2015

I got this quiz from Bobo magazine. Do you dare to answer these questions or not, it depends on your choice. The results can end up in one of these 3 Alcent teachers.

  1. You were busy playing a game when your cousin came. What did you do?
    A. Keep on playing, because it’s fun.
    B. Stop for a while to chat with my cousin. Then I invited him to discuss about the game I was playing.
    C. I stopped playing the game, then I invited my cousin to play a toy that can be played together.
  2. What a lovely Sunday morning… what did you do when you woke up?
    A. Ride a bike with my friends around the house.
    B. Immediately check the phone, in case of a BBM or SMS from friends.
    C. Open my laptop and look for an awesome dance video on YouTube. Then prepare to dance with my brother or sister and friends in the front yard.
  3. You got a tab as a prize for winning an English speech contest. What do you do with the tab?
    A. I just give it to my dad or brother. Who knows they would need it more than I am.
    B. I will tamper the tab, trying to utilize various apps that can add my insight.
    C. I bring it to the school, course place, when playing with my friends, and others. Aside from cool, lets me write statuses in Facebook and play games easily.
  4. Hooray! You are having a study tour abroad with your school friends. What are you doing during the trip inside the bus?
    A. I attach my earphones to listen to music from my smartphone, play games, or check my Facebook or Twitter.
    B. Chatting and snacking with my friends.
    C. I connect my MP3 player to the audio in the bus, then sing and dance with friends. I then record our action in the bus 😀
  5. That afternoon, your mom came late to pick you up. What were you doing in the class while waiting?
    A. I took my gadget out and played it, regardless if there is a teacher or another friends who are waiting to be picked up as well.
    B. I read back the hardest subject that day, while occasionally asking my teacher or friend.
    C. I recorded teachers’ activities and the situation at school after school had finished. Pretended I was a little journalist.

If your answers are mostly A:
You are Mr. Tarmizi. You are the youngest of the so-called “Trolls”. You like to talk about economics, you know everything about capitalist, socialist, and mixed economic system, and you can’t stand loud noises. You’re also very calm and patient. You like to accentuate words with your hands open.

If your answers are mostly B:
You are Mr. Sofwan, the Islamic education teacher. Aside from liking talking about Islam, you like to accentuate words with your fists, you lose a lot of patience real fast, and you’re the middle of the Trolls. Even then, you don’t like prolonging problems.

If your answers are mostly C:
You are Mr. Dadi, the civics teacher, and the oldest of the Trolls. You do everything in a hurry, you are hyper, and you tend to say “Laaame.” You’re also a strict gadgeteen and you can never be separated with your gadgets anywhere and anytime.


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