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Herman Nootix in Massachusetts

September 19, 2015

Herman: Here we are on my old stomping grounds, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Time to perambulate.

Harvard is here in the city of Cambridge, just across the river from Boston. Cambridge is also home to MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These two schools make this town a very important source of new thinking and research for our country, and for the world. Not to mention, the ACME Detective Agency.

Here’s Widener Library, started in 1838 with John Harvard’s personal collection. Since then, it’s grown into the largest university library in the world, with over 10 million books. That’s even more than I’ve read.

Who else has walked here on Harvard Campus besides you and I? Well, let’s see. T.S. Elliott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John F. Kennedy, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, among others. They all went to school here at Harvard, as did yours truly. Unlike those fellows however, I didn’t turn out famous, simply brilliant.

The Puritans founded the country’s first college, here in 1636, just 16 years after they arrived in the new world. For its first two years, the new school had no name, but when a prominent minister named Reverend John Harvard died and left his books for the school, a new name was born. Harvard College, now part of Harvard University, has stood here ever since.

Goodbye then. It’s been a pleasure.


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