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Herman Nootix in North Carolina

September 19, 2015

Herman: Ah, Chapel Hill. The intellectual center of North Carolina. Time for a tour.

Here’s the Old Well, official symbol of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But it’s more than just a symbol. For the school’s first few decades, this was the only source of water on the campus. That was before the days of Perrier in Evion.

Not far from here is another sort of learning center, the Morehead Planetarium. Scientists and astronauts go to Morehead to learn their way around outer space. When you’re going to travel that far, it pays to learn about your destination in advance.

Ah, the Davy poplar. Now legend has it that founder William Davy rested under this very tree back in 1793, when he was picking the site for Chapel Hill University. Aside from starting the nation’s first state-supported university, Davy was also one of the drafters of the US Constitution. Busy man. No wonder he needed to rest.

Chapel Hill makes up one of the points of North Carolina’s Research Triangle. The other two points are claimed by Duke University and North Carolina State University. Inside this triangle, lots of research on lots of different subjects is carried out. The whole area is crawling with Ph.Ds. It seems like you can toss a Bunsen burner without hitting one.

Goodbye then. It’s been a pleasure.


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