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Herman Nootix in Ohio

September 20, 2015

Herman: Ah, yes, University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. I quite like this town, and I’m sure you will too.

See that pointed church spire behind those trees? Many Clevelanders call it the Oil Can Church, because it’s shaped like an old-fashioned oil can. That nickname may seem a bit informal for a church, but that’s Cleveland, though. Open-minded and tolerant, especially about religion. There’s a wide range of different religious and ethnic groups here, so tolerance is a very sensible policy.

Ah, the Cleveland Museum of Art. Now you could stand on these steps and survey all of surrounding University Circle. Schools, museums, lakes, and gardens, or you can wander inside and see 30,000 works of art, spanning history and coming from places around the world. A tough choice, but either way you can’t lose.

This pensive fellow is the Thinker, a replica of Rodin’s famous original. The statue’s left side was damaged during the 1960’s by demonstrators, protesting the Vietnam War. Instead of fixing it, the city decided to leave it broken, as a reminder of the national turmoil of the time. Hm, what would Rodin have thought?

Cleveland’s loudest landmark is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a new museum dedicated to the history of rock music. No one is exactly sure where the name rock and roll came from, but it was first popularized by a Cleveland disc jockey named Alan Freed, back in the early 1950’s. The music is still quite popular, or so I’m told.

Goodbye then. It’s been a pleasure.


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