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TCoH 3, Episode 264

September 21, 2015

In UNC-Chapel Hill…

Hasna: OK, Kumquat. Here’s the plan. You will have to burn down that fighter jet monument with your Blast Burn.
Kumquat: I’m in it to win it!
Hasna: Now, Kumquat! Use Blast Burn!
(Kumquat holds his breath. Flames erupt on the ground and the fighter jet monument successfully burned down to ashes)
Hasna: Whoa, I never thought you gave that devastating blow! You’re obnoxiously great, Kumquat!
Kumquat: I’m not great, I’m a kumquat! (laughs)
Orange: (laughs along)
Hasna: (groans)

(Donald Duck-like opening sequence and title card)

Hasna: Uh, Fina? You’re not from around here, aren’t you?
Fina: No. Why’d you ask?
Hasna: I thought you came here because of another case.
Fina: A case? In case you have wondered. Someone sent me this Hobbymaster.
Hasna: Whoa, is that an F-15? My favorite!
Fina: But not just an F-15. See this ACME symbol? That means I’ve got a case. (presses the ACME symbol)
Julia: You’re taking off to the birthplace of flight. North Carolina. Kitty Hawk is known worldwide as the site of Orville Wright’s first flight. But that piece of history is history. Because the Wright Brothers’ runway is gone! It took off in the clutches of one of Carmen’s crooks. Where are they landing? It’s your job to find out. Good luck!
Fina: So you see, I can’t lose. I need to track down another crook. Hasna, can you help me out?
Hasna: Don’t mind if I do.
Bayu: Hai cantik~
Hasna: Oh, Bayu. (takes off her wig) This is my friend, Fina, a DJ on-the-go. She said she wants to make a song about aviation [shot in an airbase].
Bayu: Wait, wait, wait. So Fina is a DJ now? Good girl! You wanna make a song about planes? That’s not hard actually. But first, let me take you to someplace.
Fina: Huh?
Hasna: That’s it, Fina. Just follow him.

In the Morehead Planetarium…

Mas Adit: Ohhh, look who we have here.
Mas Ghifari: Dude, you seriously recognize Fina already. But these 2 new kids, though, you never met them before.
Mas Adit: Oh yeah, I forgot. You seem unfamiliar here. Mind if you stand up and introduce yourselves?
Hasna: My name is Hasna Lathifah, I’m a student, and an apple.
Bayu: I’m Bayu Noviana, also a student, and Hasna’s boyfriend.
Mas Adit: So you’re a couple after all. Well, why I called you here is because I heard Fina is pursuing her career as a DJ. She wants to make a song about planes, flight, and aviation. That’s not a bad idea, but first… you have to pass flight school first.
Mas Ghifari: Come on dude, let’s get out of here. Talking about planes must have made us very hungry.

While Fina was learning about aviation and types of jets in the classroom, Mr. Sofwan showed his new AA gun to Mas Ghifari, Mas Adit, and Nadya in the university park.

Mr. Sofwan: Hahaha. Kids, let me show you my newest innovation: the AA gun!
Mas Ghifari: Dude, are you serious? AA guns have been invented since the 1970’s.
Mr. Sofwan: Are you kidding me? I patented the older AA guns now it doesn’t just fire surface-to-air missiles; it can even fire meatballs! Watch! (meatballs fire out from Mr. Sofwan’s AA gun)
Mas Ghifari, Mas Adit, and Nadya: Ooohhhh!
Nadya: Sir, you’re seriously great in this!
Mr. Sofwan: Yep! That’s me, Muhammad Sofwan Nugraha!

Flight school was over. Fina walked down to the Hits Academy when a girl about her age is trying the AA gun. Hasna is there with her too.

Fina: Um, Hasna?
Hasna: Dude, I want you to meet Maulani. She is also a flight student.
Maul: Please, call me Maul.
Fina: Oh. My name’s Fina. Full name Afiany Nur Fadhilah.
Maul: I’m Maulani Salsabila. Not only I like fighter jets and military trucks, I also am a big freak of anti-aircraft guns!
Fina: HUH?!
Hasna: Seriously, dude? You’re a big fan of AA guns?! You can’t be like that, you’re gonna destroy our favorite fighter planes!
Maul: Oh, come on! Please appreciate a big anti-aircraft gun fan!
Fina: Thank you. We appreciate it.
Maul: Cool!
Mr. Sofwan: OK, OK! Show’s over, kid! Let her fingers burn!

In Fina’s room…
It was dark and raining all day long. The lights went out, and Fina had nothing to do but reading her favorite Angkasa magazines that Fiki bought her as a birthday present last April.

Hasna: Hey, Fina.
Fina: What? I’m trying to read this magazine. Angkasa: All About Military Vehicles. Let me read it to you: legend tells of a legendary fighter jet from McDonnell Douglas called an F/A-18C Hornet, born from the hands of William Boeing. Years later, another fighter jet was born: Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker. Fighter jets keep evolving throughout years, and they stay strong and big as usual.
Bayu: Mind if I join in?
Fina: OK.
Bayu: Is that Angkasa magazine? My favorite!
Fina: You can have one. Don’t ruin it!
Bayu: Gee, thanks.
Orange: Hey, hey Bayu! Bayu, hey!
Bayu: (annoyed) What?
(Orange and Kumquat started annoying the crap of out Bayu, making fun of his name, which in Sanskrit means “wind”, and babbling at him)

To Be Continued
A Walt Disney Production

– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Hasna Lathifah
– Bayu Noviana
– Aditya Barkah
– Ghifari
– Nadya Dianissa Suhernowo
– Muhammad Sofwan Nugraha
– Maulani Salsabila (debut)
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Obnoxious Kumquat (Hasna’s)


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