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Rock Solid in California

September 23, 2015

Rock: Things are always looking sunny here in California. There’s lots to see in Yosemite, so let’s start a tour!

From the first time John Mueller saw this beautiful valley in 1868, he dedicated himself to protecting it. 22 years later, Yosemite became a national park, because of Mueller’s work. Then he started the Sierra Club! Talk about a fellow with a lot of positive energy.

Most people who tour Yosemite do it by car. The 200 miles of road are nice, but if you really wanna see the place, hike the nature trails. They cover three times as much area as the roads, and no one ever gets a flat tire!

For a great view of the whole Yosemite Valley, climb up there, to the top of Glacier Point. It’s the best panorama in all of California. 360 degrees of wow!

Of Yosemite’s many mountains, this might be the most famous: Half Dome. Long ago it was pointy, with Ice Age glaciers sanded it down and rounded it off. Of course the weather still changes the mountains a little bit everyday, through erosion. Geology might move slowly but it never stops.

Yosemite covers a huge chunk of the Sierra Nevadas. From its 13,000-foot peaks, to its glacial valley, with giant sequoia trees, tiny ferns, rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, and 429 lakes in between. Someday I’ll see all 1,200 square miles of it, but not this time around.

The water in Yosemite Falls does exactly what its name says; it falls! 2,500 feet to be exact. It makes such a mist, that even standing 50 feet away, you’ll get soaked. But it’s worth getting wet to see beauty like that.



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