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Rock Solid in Idaho

September 23, 2015

Rock: Let’s stroll around Idaho’s Snake River Plain, and I’ll show you the sites!

Here in Idaho, folks know a good potato when they see one, because they see a lot of them. In fact, they grow more potatoes here than in any other state. And if you get tired of spuds, try the local peas, beets, and grains. You need to be well-fed when you’re fighting crime.

There are really two different Idahos; the south, with its farms, cities, and big Mormon population is a lot like Utah. The north on the other hand, is more like Montana; rugged, mountainous, sparsely populated, and independent. But I don’t take sides, I think they’re both quite spectacular.

That’s the Sawtooth Range off in the distance. Part of the Rockies. Idaho has a lot of mountains, so lots of skiers vacation here. Me, I’d rather climb up a mountain and slide down.

We’re standing on Idaho’s Snake River Plain. Even though Idaho is huge, most of its people live within a hundred miles off this river. It’s a great place to farm. The water is plentiful, the soil is great, and the view isn’t bad either.



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