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Rock Solid in Montana

September 23, 2015

Rock: They call this part of Montana many glaciers, because… well, because it has many glaciers! Let’s look around.

This particular part of Montana is right atop the Continental Divide. All the rivers and streams east of here flow toward the Atlantic Ocean, and those west of here flow to the Pacific. In other words, if you’re looking for the middle, you’re standing on it.

In Montana, you won’t find better lodgings than this. Many glacier hotel, in Glacier National Park. A thousand miles of hiking trails start and end here at this cozy spot. And every night, you can catch a lecture from a naturalist or ranger. I think I’d be myself!

The Ice Age is over, but it’s not dead here in Glacier National Park. Over 50 small glaciers top the park. Permanent ice sheets inching their way over the land. They’re shrinking as the earth gets slowly warmer, but a couple of cool years will turn them around. Just wait and see.

You’re looking at Grinnell Point, named for George Grinnell, one of my heroes. He founded the Audubon Society back in the 19th century. We society members work to preserve wild animal habitats all over the world! It’s never too late to join, by the way.

This part of the astounding Montana landscape was carved by glaciers. Huge moving sheets of ice, that grew and retreated during the Pleistocene age. They slowly carved lakes, valleys, and peaks from the limestone, siltstone, mudstone, and every other stone in their way. Glaciers are slow, but watch out, they can be strong.



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