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Kim Yoonity in Singapore

September 28, 2015

Kim: Thanks for calling! I have a soft spot for Singapore.

When the Singapore tourist form were looking for a symbol, they would describe their country’s neat quality. They created the Merlion, a creature that is half lion and half fish. A statue of this strange creature guards the mouths of the Singapore River.

The name Singapore means “Lion City”, and I’m not “lion”! (chuckles) Singapore used to be a tiny seaport, on a jungle-covered island. But Singapore grew so quickly, that today it’s one of Asia’s economic dragons. Chinese, Indians, Malays, and others have a lot to Singapore for decades, adding to its diverse culture.

Built in 1939, the impressive Supreme Court Building was the last classical structure to be completed in Singapore. Next door, City Hall was the scene of the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II. Luckily, neither building has surrendered to the skyscrapers that crowd around them.

This vast green lawn in the heart of Singapore is appropriately named, since Padang is the Malay word for field. Sportsclubs like the Singapore cricket club use the field for soccer, rugby, tennis, and of course, cricket! The Padang is also a popular place to gather in gossips, which is why one end of the field earned the name Candle Point.

Most rivers have two banks. But on the edge of the Singapore River, there are over 150 banks! Need a loan? Here in the heart of Singapore’s business district, our skyscrapers contain the offices of oil, insurance, and financial company, making Singapore one of the most important business centers in Asia.

So long!


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